• March 23, 2023

Hours After Arrest South Carolina Mall Shooter Released on Bail, allowed to Go Home and Work

 Hours After Arrest South Carolina Mall Shooter Released on Bail, allowed to Go Home and Work


Earlier today, 22-year-old Jewayne Price was arrested in connection with yesterday’s mass shooting at a busy mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Jewayne Price is accused of shooting nine people leaving 14 people at the mall injured. The victims are ages 15 to 73.

Price was arrested after he was originally questioned as one of three gang related suspects identified as persons of interest in Saturday’s shooting at Columbiana Centre, a busy shopping mall in the state’s capital. A few hours after his arrest, Jewayne Price was released on 25,000 bail.

SOUTH CAROLINA – The suspect in a South Carolina mall shooting in which nine people were wounded has been released under house arrest and ordered to wear an ankle monitor after a judge set a $25,000 surety bond.

The suspect, Jewayne Price, is also barred from contacting any of the victims, Columbia police said on Twitter. Price will be allowed to travel from his home to work while he is under house arrest.  Neither Price nor his attorney could immediately be reached for comment. (read more)


Sunday Talks, CBS Outlines Causes of Massive Inflation, Identifies Everything Except Biden Policy

This Sunday segment from CBS’s Margaret Brennan allows us to watch narrative engineering in real time.  During a segment outlining the reasons behind the major economic issues American’s are feeling, CBS notes everything except the reason the economy is struggling.  It really is quite a remarkable example of professional gaslighting.

Watch the segment, note the inflation crisis has been underway for more than 18 months, and notice how many justifications are made-up illusions. (1) A Texas-Mexico cargo checkpoint issue that started less than a week ago; (2) Trucker shortages; (3) Ukraine-Russia which started only 6 weeks ago; and (4) Pandemic lockdowns, now causing an excess in demand.  None of these issues are even close to the source of the issue.

The two major drivers of inflation are both Biden policy issues.  (1) Extreme federal government spending and the Fed purchasing debt. (2) The shutting down of U.S. energy development (pipelines closed or blocked, oil leases cancelled, permits pulled and refinery permits cancelled).  All of this is Joe Biden policy.

On the restaurant pricing side, and likely restaurants soon to close, I would note the CTH outline from a few days ago:


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