• March 31, 2023

House GOP to Probe Biden Family Trying to Sell US Drilling Rights

 House GOP to Probe Biden Family Trying to Sell US Drilling Rights


Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan will investigate the Biden Crime Family. They want the bank records of 150 suspicious activities by the Bidens. Also, they plan to look at Hunter’s plan to sell US LNG and drilling rights to the Chinese communists. The Hunter Biden story is important because it is the Joe Biden corruption story. It’s a story of betrayal.

The Representatives have a “map of the United States in Chinese, where all the natural gas distributors were highlighted,” Comer said. “And the business model that Hunter Biden was presenting to the Chinese was a way for China to not only come in and buy liquified natural gas from America but also to start buying ownership in drilling so that China could start taking ownership in our American industry.”

Comer reminded the audience that there “are text messages showing Joe Biden was going to be at 10% equity owner in this business. He was even going to have office space in this business.” The business was to sell our drilling rights to China.

The Bidens were to sell our US drilling rights in the US to China! They were selling America to Maoist China.

The 150 suspicious emails will have some surprises as well.

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