• December 8, 2023

House Speaker Mike Johnson on Securing the Border: ‘We’re Going to Force the Issue’ (VIDEO)

 House Speaker Mike Johnson on Securing the Border: ‘We’re Going to Force the Issue’ (VIDEO)

New House Speaker Mike Johnson seems pretty serious about addressing the issue at the southern border.

During a recent appearance on the FOX Business Network with Larry Kudlow, Johnson said that Republicans have tried to fix this but Democrats and the Biden administration have ignored them.

Now he says they are going to force the issue.

Breitbart News reports:

Republican Speaker Mike Johnson on Migration: ‘We’re Going to Force the Issue’

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson is promising to push the House’s H.R. 2 immigration stabilization bill to protect Americans’ right to a secure border, amid open-borders advocacy at the White House and the Senate.

The promise was made as the GOP and Democrats draft rival end-of-year spending bills for government migration agencies, for aid to embattled Israel, and for continued war against Russian forces along the Ukraine-Russian border.

Democrats “opened up the border under [border chief Alejandro] Mayorkas’s direction and President Biden himself,” Johnson told Fox Business, adding:

They allowed for this serious situation that we have, and now, the FBI has said — Director Ray said — just a few days ago that they suspect there might even be terrorist cells that are setting up and planning only God knows against American citizens. … Well, yeah, of course, when you keep the border open, you allow dangerous people to come in. You open yourself up for that kind of chaos.

We worked with everything we have for the last nearly three years to get that border closed and secured, and they’ve ignored us until now. We’re going to force the issue — and people want us to.

Here’s the video:

The border crisis is a direct result of failed policy decisions by the Biden Admin – not a lack of funding.

HR 2 would:

-Finish the wall
-End catch and release
-End abuse of parole authority
-Reform the broken asylum system
-Restart Remain in Mexico pic.twitter.com/8XZdqJih5x

— Speaker Mike Johnson (@SpeakerJohnson) November 3, 2023

So far, Johnson looks like a big improvement over McCarthy.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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