• July 20, 2024

“How F***ing Dare You!”: ZeroHedge Immigration Debate Gets Heated

 “How F***ing Dare You!”: ZeroHedge Immigration Debate Gets Heated
THURSDAY, JUN 27, 2024 –

Last night, ZeroHedge brought together four prominent pundits to debate one of the most combustible topics of the day: illegal immigration across the porous US border.

Immigration is the most important political problem facing the US today according to Gallup and about a half-dozen other pollsters, not to mention at least half of America. If you missed it, here were the highlights:

“This is a leftist argument.”

In response to arguments put forth by author Ryan Girdusky that immigrants lower American wages, The Hill correspondent Robby Soave dismissed it as a tactic of the left.

“The economy arguments are nonsense.”

“How many Mexicans have made a billion-dollar company?”

Girdusky pointed to the disproportionate entrepreneurial representation among immigrants of different nationalities, noting that Israel, China, and Europe making up the lion’s share of Fortune 500 founders.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than you do finding a Mexican national in this country with a billion-dollar business,” he said to which Soave replied: “OK let’s deport everyone who did not start a Fortune 500 company.”

“The war is already on our shores.”

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec advocated for sending the U.S. military into Mexico to carry out targeted military operations against the cartel.

We’re not the ones starting the war. The war has already begun… You can look at fentanyl deaths. You can look at child trafficking deaths… The war is here.”

“We need to be a great country that builds things again.”

Pro-immigration Libertarian presidential nominee Chase Oliver said he does not support minimum wage laws and argued that Americans do not have a “right” to a job. According to him, the U.S. should “let immigrants come here to compete 1-on-1 for an equal wage and see who does the best work. The best work should get hired.”

Oliver’s debate partner Soave agreed, saying centrally planning labor and migration is no different than socialist governments ignoring market forces to manipulate the lumber supply.

“So much of the problems in our country are created by government artificially creating shortages… one of those is a restriction on the labor pool.”

Deport the Woke?

Pro-immigrant Soave broached the idea that if one wants to use government to reshape America’s demographics, we ought to begin with Marxist American citizens.

“If I wanted to make this country more right-wing and based and patriotic, then I would deport the existing population because they are the people whose views are antithetical to the right and antithetical to Trumpism.”

“How fucking dare you!”

Girdusky — fed up with the Libertarian live-and-let-live attitude on drug use — ripped into Oliver and Soave for their nonchalance towards the fentanyl crisis.

“It makes me beyond angry… these are our people. Millions are dead. More than the Civil War, World War 2. They are all dead.

“If you want to sit there and represent them and say ‘oh, it’s over the war on drugs, their cartel members’ lives are more valuable than yours? I’m sorry but how fucking dare you!

Watch the full debate on XRumble, or YouTube. It will also go live on Spotify later today. Be sure to subscribe to the various ZeroHedge channels (you never know when we’ll be banned from one of them).

Let us know in the comments what debate topics and guests you would like to see in the future.



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