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Hunter Biden was banned from Chateau Marmont for ‘drug use’

 Hunter Biden was banned from Chateau Marmont for ‘drug use’

LOS ANGELES — Hunter Biden was banned from the legendary celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont because of “drug use,” and the then-soon-to-be first son had to send someone to retrieve his personal belongings still on the property, according to texts from his laptop.

The Sunset Boulevard hotel is home to Academy Awards after-parties and has been a favorite of stars from actors Jean Harlow to Elizabeth Taylor to Leonardo DiCaprio. But Chateau Marmont also has a dark side: Actor John Belushi died there from a heroin overdose in 1982, and later, singer Rick James overdosed there, too, but was brought back to life. All of this is chronicled in a book, The Castle on Sunset: Life, Death, Love, Art and Scandals at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.


The Chateau, as the hotel is commonly called, was a Biden favorite, and he stayed there for an undetermined amount of time in 2018 after his failed marriage and during an extended period of drug use chronicled in a memoir.

“Did you know that I have to get pre-approval from the GM at the Chateau before I am allowed to make a reservation?” Biden texted a Chateau employee. “Seriously I tried to stay there late last night and the Ass handing me keys when he read a note in the system that said under no circumstance am I allowed in bldg without her pre approval.”


Chateau text 1.jpg

The employee offered to check on Biden’s status and texted later with an update.

“Apparently you were banned for ‘drug use’ is what I was just told, which is bull****,” the employee relayed.

Then the following exchange occurred:

Biden: “Manager – GM – f*** them. It was so f***ing embarrassing. The two women at the drive were right there and said wtf. Drug use???? You have to be ducking kidding me. I was banned for drug use at the Chateau Marmont. You have to be f***ing kidding me.”

Employee: “Lol exactly.”

Biden: “Well that’s a f***ing first in the Hotels history I guess. Should I take it as a badge of honor. Tell you what?”

Employee: “Don’t stress. If you need anything just ask. Let’s grab a drunk soon.”

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Biden then bemoaned that he must be the first person to be kicked out due to drug use and has moved over to La Peer, another West Hollywood luxury hotel.

“I have never ever been rude or have had a complaint against me from a guest or employee,” he texted. “I kind of thought I was an employee favorite. And they ban me without telling me directly. I have to find out from the night desk guy.”

On July 18, 2018, the conversation picked up again with the employee texting, “Your profile does say BLACKLISTED … there was a hole in the wall of one of the rooms you had.”

Biden responded: “A hole – what does that even mean? And what does that have to do with drugs? And why would a joke in the wall not be something I paid to repair. And I’ve never put a f****** hole in any hotel wall.”

Hunter Biden Chateau

The pair then discussed how best to retrieve Biden’s personal items, which were still at the hotel.

Emails to the Chateau’s general manager, managing director, and public relations firm were not returned.


The texts were contained in the laptop Hunter Biden allegedly abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, which fell into the hands of several allies of former President Donald Trump, including Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist. This was provided to the Washington Examiner by Jack Maxey, former co-host of Bannon’s War Room podcast.


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