• September 29, 2023

I Often Wonder!

 I Often Wonder!

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

by Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
Free State of Florida
I often wonder if ‘those’ people ever wondered what it is to be an American & if they are aware of our history as a nation.


On the other hand, you have Immigrants waiting in line for years to become American citizens, they follow the law & understand what it is to live in America as a citizen. These people are the core strength of America, they believe in that American Spirit & they have a dream, that’s an American. It troubles me deeply that this govt has opened the door of America to people of which they have no idea who they are, or where they are & transport them throughout the country.


Not only is that illegal & immoral, but it is also an insult to Immigrants waiting in line for the legal process. All they have to do is get out of line, & walk across the border, like everyone else. However, that would be un-American, so they wait in line. These are the people this govt is keeping out of America. This govt has not just violated its oath to the American people of upholding the Constitution & Laws of America. It has violated our sovereignty & placed Americans in harm’s way, physically & financially.


They can’t even tell you an accurate cost of what the southern border has resulted in, they don’t talk about the Illegals & Americans who have lost their lives because of the southern border. That’s our $, taxpayers paging for illegal & immoral acts which border on being evil. I go so far as to say we already have terrorists who crossed the border & be it a year or 5 years America will pay the price of the border.


Sadly, that is only one issue facing America, facing all of us. Many ask, but what can we do? That answer is simple, we communicate & rely on the Founders’ belief in an informed & active public. Communicate with everyone, friends, neighbors, send them info, etc., how do they feel about America? Contact local & federal govt, and be involved! The key to saving America relies on Americans being active & utilizing their system of govt resulting in a ‘massive’ vote in 2024, anything less is doomed to fail. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your vote doesn’t matter, they all matter as long as we ALL vote.


I also wonder, how many American families have a military history, those people who felt the need to Serve their Country in furtherance of American Values. There is a patriot thread running through their generations which is also a strength of WeThePeople. That is only one segment in America add the other like-minded people & we have the vast majority of American Patriots from all walks of life who want what is best for America.


We just have to understand, it is a minority of people making all the noise, & some have power. That power only exists until WeThePeople, decide otherwise, that is how America works & I still have faith in America.


Now we have the Debt Limit Bill of Biden-McCarthy & from what I see it’s not good for WeThePeople. I suggest we go back to the House bill to see if we can improve on it. Unless the Democrats accept the House bill in its entirety, with no changes. No more compromises, no more tricks & deceit from the other party. Quite simply it’s the House bill or no bill & the Democrats need to decide, that is their responsibility. Our responsibility is to research & let others know the Debt Limit Bill harms Americans.


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Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
Free State of Florida
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