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If It Can Happen in Canada, It Can Happen Here

 If It Can Happen in Canada, It Can Happen Here

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February 23, 2022

“Constitutions become the ultimate tyranny,” Paul said. “They’re organized power on such a scale as to be overwhelming. The constitution is social power mobilized and it has no conscience. It can crush the highest and the lowest, removing all dignity and individuality. It has an unstable balance point and no limitations.”

~ Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah

What is going on in Canada is atrocious. I am not just talking about the treatment of the “truckers” or ‘protest.’ I am not just talking about the ‘state’s ‘laws,’ and I am not talking about any government document claimed to be a protector of the people, when in fact it is always the opposite. I am talking about the extreme tyranny present in Canada at this time, that can and will be here in the U.S. soon unless mass dissent is forthcoming.

Trudeau is certainly an evil monster, but then so are most all politicians, or any who choose to rule over other men, regardless of the governing process in place. There is no such thing as freedom by government ‘contract;’ there is only freedom if the individual takes it, protects it, holds it, and lives it. Governing systems are meant to first reduce, and then eliminate all freedom, and no constitution is worth the paper on which it is written. It is simply a document created by politicians in order to fool the people into believing that rights have something to do with governments protecting those rights for the very people that are subject to that same government’s rules and laws. This is an impossible contradiction, but nonetheless, belief in this nonsense has fooled Americans, and many others throughout history. Many still cling to the stupidity that somehow the rights of man can be listed on a meaningless governing document called a ‘contract;’ one enforced by the state in question, when not one citizen signed or agreed with its content. This is the essence of an ignorant society easily fooled into accepting slavery.

This is why it is imperative to understand that the only protection of men and their freedom comes from each individual’s ability and willingness to protect and gain his freedom by simply claiming it, and living in such a manner as to never acquiesce to any collective or state rule. Government cannot under any circumstance bestow any right, nor can it take any right away from the individual, unless the individual voluntarily allows this to happen. The only reason slavery can exist is because the lowly human is too weak and fragile to defend himself due to one or another irrelevant and inconsequential fear of life itself. This is the pathetic side of the human animal, but it does not have to be so.

There is no such thing as gaining redress by begging or petitioning the very tyrants that rule over you; or asking them to please allow you a little more freedom. That is why accepting governance by men, and accepting their government courts voluntarily, is the epitome of self-destruction. It is why rulers have been able to claim power over the people throughout history. It is certainly no different today, and at this stage of our existence, it is actually much worse, as billions continue to be abused by state players intent on gaining total control over them. When crowds gather to supposedly protest, they usually carry state flags, and refer to a worthless constitution invented by the same state claiming ownership over their bodies and minds, stealing their wealth through theft called taxation, singing praise for that state in national anthems, and pledging their allegiance to the nation-state instead of respecting only their own individual sovereignty.

It seems appropriate to applaud any who protest against the state, but what is really happening? Is protest a position that stands against the state, or is it that it is unintentionally succumbing to the state’s desires? What worth does protest claim? Is protest on its own enough to stop state tyranny, or in the end does the state use this so-called ‘insurrection’ to gain even more power? The latter seems not only possible but definite.

While some protest can be viewed as courageous, does it help or hinder the supposed feigned longing for individual freedom? It seems obvious that the drive to be free is far removed from reality, as the collective masses do not act as individuals, and simply do not demand their own freedom. As stated by Étienne de La Boétie, “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed.” This concept is absent from the minds of common men, and without this resolve, can men ever be truly free? I think not.

The reality of what is happening in the communistic country of Canada is much different than might be expected. The truckers banded together in advance, and in full view of the state; openly detailing and planning every move. The state thugs did not attempt to stop this caravan, but allowed it to take place and gain hold in certain parts of the country. Once this group gained much mainstream and alternative press coverage, and once fully entrenched in the areas sought, things began to change. While the alternative sites lauded these efforts as bold and brave, and the answer to obtaining liberty, the government and mainstream began to criticize this movement as dangerous and a threat to the freedom of others. In order to drive this false point home, state propaganda ran rampant, and attacks were levied against the truckers and all who supported them. Trudeau used the chaos to implement vast emergency powers, and of course, the people did nothing to stop him, other than some screaming out that his policies were dictatorial, while his brutal assault on freedom continued to expand. Donated money was stolen from the truckers, and never allowed to get to where it was intended. Many protestor’s bank accounts are being frozen, and in many cases confiscated, and horrendous police state tactics have been unleashed. This is being done without charges or trials of course, but that is just standard operating procedure for government. In the meantime, the emergency act declaration is not being removed, it is being strengthened.

Does this surprise anyone? Does this even remind any of what happened in the staged false flag of January 6th in Washington D.C.? The so-called ‘insurrection’ was allowed, just as the trucker’s protests were allowed. Many protestors were jailed without charge or trial, many were harmed, all were dispersed, and the tyranny only grew. What will happen when the truckers go home? Will they stop delivering goods, and attempt to hurt the economy in order to make a point, and if so, who will be the most harmed? Will the people of Canada stand up against the state en masse, and claim their freedom by whatever means necessary? Will they continue to protest in huge numbers? Will they say no to every order, and remove Trudeau from power? Or will they stand down as Americans did, and allow even more state power to be the result? I think the answer is clear.

Let us praise any who oppose and go against the state, but we must understand the entire picture, we must scrutinize false dissent, and we must do more than simply expect these plotted events to make all things better, while the rest of the apathetic population stands by in wait. Logic tells a different story, and there is no limit to the underhanded and conspiratorial policies of those ruling over ‘we the people.’ We must not be so quick in our acceptance of what seems to be the simple answer, when no answer dependent on the actions of others will ever bring freedom to the masses. In fact, it may harm liberty, instead of saving freedom. Totalitarianism is based on lies, deceit, trickery, false prophets, division, and dependence not on one’s self, but on some super hero class that does not exist.

Rely on self, shun the crowd, disobey at will, and never accept the rule of others. Until the individual is accepted as sovereign due to his own actions, and the collective hordes are dispersed, nothing of value concerning liberty will ever be accomplished.

“They only seem tall because we’re on our knees.”

Étienne de La Boétie

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