• July 20, 2024

Illegal Foreigner Rapes a 15-Year-Old Child in Albany

 Illegal Foreigner Rapes a 15-Year-Old Child in Albany


A future Democrat named Sakir Akkan came through San Diego, California, illegally in November and was released. He grabbed a 15-year-old girl in Albany, New York, forced her into a vehicle while wielding a metal pole, and then tore her clothes off and raped her. Her legs were scratched up from resisting.Akkan has been arrested and is being charged with ‘first-degree’ rape.

Biden and his Democrats falsely claim it is because Republicans didn’t pass the border bill. First of all, the timing wouldn’t have worked for this scumbag, and secondly, the bill allowed at least 5,000 a day. That is too many to screen. As Jeh Johnson said, 1,000 is too many for border patrol to screen. It can’t be done. Also, that border bill enshrined permanent illegal immigration. It even funded staffing and funds to facilitate illegal immigration.

Getting back to the scumbag Akkan, court records show he has an address listed in Troy, NY, but he is clearly not a US citizen. Albany cops received an alert about his immigration status via an FBI database when he was fingerprinted after the alleged rape. He threatened her with a metal pipe.


What makes it worse, the moronic Americans tried to cover up his status as an illegal immigrant.

According to an initial report from the Times Union, Akkan is a [fake] Turkish asylum seeker who crossed the southern border this year. He was released on his own recognizance because there wasn’t any bed space. They didn’t even know who this freak was or if he was a criminal in Turkey – nothing. So, how does he get released on his own recognizance? Biden and Mayorkas say to do it.

  • Police and Democratic lawmakers in Albany are accused of covering up his status, but CBS claims they didn’t have evidence.

Melinda Gates said she endorsed Biden because he cares about women and girls. Is she joking?

The US allows anyone from anywhere in the world to enter the country. People from 177 countries out of 195 have entered. Many come from rape cultures and hotbeds of terrorism. So keep voting for Biden if you like this.

The Muslims coming in include a lot of Jew and Christian haters. They should not be allowed in without intense screening. We are getting the world’s scum.

These filth rape innocent women and children as they cross, so why wouldn’t they continue doing so?

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