• March 21, 2023

Injury Cases & Deaths Following New COVID Bivalent Booster Shots

 Injury Cases & Deaths Following New COVID Bivalent Booster Shots

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) maintained by the FDA and the CDC was updated today, and 1,064 new cases were added to the database this week, including 7 new deaths, following the newly launched COVID-19 Bivalent booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna.

That brings the total to 3,232 cases including 26 deaths recorded in VAERS since this new COVID-19 vaccine was given emergency use authorization at the end of August, just 6 weeks ago. (Source.)

These dangerous shots were just granted emergency use authorization by the FDA this week to children as young as 5 years old. (Source.)

You or your children can receive one of these dangerous shots in all 50 states (and yes, this includes Florida – just call your local pharmacy and ask them).

Here are a few of the case write-ups from those who died after taking this new Bivalent COVID booster shot:

VAERS ID: 2456761 – 46-year-old Texas man – Provider was contacted by third party claiming to be family member of patient stating the day after vaccination, on September 15, 2022, patient complained of fatigue, chills and body aches. Later that same day patient was found deceased in his car. Cause of death is unknown to Provider at this time.

VAERS ID: 2461825 – 68-year-old man in Maine – Patient called on-call provider on 9/24 stating he thought his asthma was flaring or he had a cold. Had rib pain with coughing, congestion, rhinorrhea, post-nasal drip, and sputum (clear to white). Took at home COVID test and it was negative. Denied shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pain. Was advised to use inhaler and treat symptoms but if he developed shortness of breath/chest pain – go to ER. Wife states he was miserable on 9/24, felt better on 9/25, and was found dead on 9/26 in the morning.

VAERS ID: 2463284 – 60-year-old nursing home employee in Georgia – [Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent EUA] This patient presented to our COVID clinic on 9/23/2022 to receive her 4th COVID vaccination with the Pfizer Bivalent Booster. She received this vaccine with no further events. It was reported on 9/28/2022 that this patient was brought to our ED from the nursing home she is employeed in cardiac arrest. Patient was found on the floor of one of the nursing home residents room by one of the CNA”s. Last know well time could not be provided by the staff at the nursing home. Per EMS when they arrived at the scene no CPR was being done. EMS immediately commenced intubation and CPR for ~33 minutes. EMS indicated patient was pulseless and apneic when they arrived at the nursing home and remained so at every rhythm check during CPR. Patient is a never smoker; did not drink alcohol or use other illicit substances. Patient was dead on arrival at ED.

You can read the case write-ups of all 26 deaths here.

To date, there have been 1,437,273 cases filed in VAERS from ALL COVID-19 vaccines since December of 2020, including 31,470 deaths. (Source.) That is 3 times more deaths following COVID-19 vaccines than deaths (9,149) following all other FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years (1990 through 2019). (Source.)

This is all public information based on the U.S. Government’s own data, but the Corporate Media refuses to publish this, and if you share this information on Social Media platforms owned by Big Tech, they will flag it as “fake news” or just ban it completely.

So the carnage continues….


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