• March 25, 2023

Jan 6er JEFF SABOL Goes Missing After Raising Complaints of Jail Abuse – PLEASE HELP JEFF BY DONATING BELOW

 Jan 6er JEFF SABOL Goes Missing After Raising Complaints of Jail Abuse – PLEASE HELP JEFF BY DONATING BELOW

Jan 6er Jeffrey Sabol has been held for 764 days without being convicted of any crimes while he awaits trial.

Jeff was removed from the January 6th pod in the DC jail overnight under suspicious circumstances.

It is unclear where he is at this time.

“I knew that I was going to be railroaded,” Sabol said about the unfolding situation just a few days ago.

Sabol anticipated retaliation from the jail after getting embroiled in a phony disciplinary incident that got the attention of the US Marshalls and ultimately reached several members of Congress.

Bogus internal violations are repeatedly used to deprive these men of commissary, phone, and newly-acquired visitation privileges, and are used against them later by prosecutors to inflict longer sentences.

But some have suffered worse fates after being removed from CCTV security monitored spaces, and the Jan 6ers of the DC jail now are concerned for his safety.

** Please consider sending some support to Jeff in his ongoing persecution here

Although mask requirements have been removed from virtually all public spaces in DC for nearly a year, the drama started when Sabol was accused of creating a public health emergency for not wearing a mask while seated aloneinside of his cell.

Ironically, Sabol—who has been stuck inside of the same small DC jail pod for more than two years, unexposed to any of his loved ones faces, let alone the external elements—was served a disciplinary infraction report by a guard who wasn’t wearing a mask himself.

Clown world confirmed.

When Sabol stood up for his right to a witness at the phony hearing, jail staff superseded his two minor charges with three additional more serious ones, including “inciting a riot” and “threatening conduct.”

Sadly his conduct was more of a threat to the status quo than anything else.

The US Marshalls’ attention and civil “contempt of court” charges brought by Jan 6ers, including Sabol, have been met by severe retaliation from the already hostile jail, which prefers to operate its evil under cover of darkness.

Retaliation has included: punitively withholding food and water, lacing food with unknown chemicals, cutting off electronic communication and forcing the men into long periods of isolation and deprivation.

Men who have filed grievances have been routinely punished then—instead of addressing its

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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