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Jayapal Presents Excuses To Pay For Votes

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As a resident of Washington state, I feel compelled to offer my apologies to the rest of the country for inflicting Pramila Jayapal upon the rest of you.

But to be fair, I (thankfully) don’t live in her district. Otherwise, I would be suffering from even more secondhand cringe from this tweet, which Congresswoman Jayapal meant to sound oh-so-progressive and virtuous. SHE CARES, EVERYONE.

Okay, let’s get the obvious argument out of the way. That money was spent. Who should pay it, Congresswoman?

The easy answer is “anyone who votes for Pramila Jayapal or the Progressive Caucus (which she leads right now) should get their debts forgiven, because they vote for the RIGHT people.” At least, that’s what Jayapal probably thinks. But let’s look a little deeper into this tweet.

“Student debt cancellation is racial justice.” How? Are there no poor white college students who take out incredibly crippling student loans because colleges know they can keep raising the price? Unless the congresswoman can prove that students of ethnic and racial minorities pay a higher rate of tuition than white students, then this argument is null and void.

“Student debt cancellation is gender justice.” How? More women are now attending college than men (though what a woman is, the left can’t even tell us now). If Jayapal is going to claim “gender justice” because, as a percentage, women are carrying more student debt because more women are attending college, that only proves that her degree isn’t in math. Unless the congresswoman can prove that colleges are charging different rates between men and women, then this argument is null and void.

“Student debt cancellation is economic justice.” How? As pointed out by the response above, those who attend college usually leave college with a degree, which gives them credentials for certain jobs (in theory). Those jobs supposedly have higher incomes because of the college credentialing. So, the earning power of these students will be higher – and yet, the colleges keep raising their rates because they have NO incentive to control their own salaries and costs. They know the students will keep taking out the loans to get the degrees, in order to eventually earn a higher income. In comparison, as trade school advocates like Mike Rowe have continually pointed out, a skilled tradesman can start out with much more earning potential, even at a lower salary, because they AREN’T carrying the debt of a college education.

That college-educated student with a degree in early 17th century French literature is still going to need a plumber if their toilet backs up, and then will be stunned at the cost of said plumber. Welcome to the cost of labor and skill. Perhaps a degree that conferred a marketable skill would have been a better investment. But colleges are not interested in telling students to get degrees that provide a good return on their investment. They are interested in telling students to “follow their passion” and get that drama degree, because why do the colleges care if you get a job later? You’re paying them the money NOW.

What Jayapal is trying to do – and what Democrats in general are encouraging Biden to do – is pay off Millennials and Gen Z students for their vote. If they can “cancel” student debt, it will create a different kind of debt – a debt of gratitude to the Democrats, which means that they have essentially bribed people for votes.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green described student debt forgiveness as extremely popular. Green cited a Politico/Morning Consult poll this week that found voters endorse some loan relief by a 2-to-1 margin. He said it could “reignite” support for Biden and Democrats before November.”

“The Democratic coalition depends on rehabilitating support from young voters, and canceling student loan debt would certainly help address that,” Green told the Washington Examiner.”

The Biden administration keeps extending the moratorium on student loan repayments, with Democrats like Chuck Schumer (who definitely wants to keep his Senate seat out of the hands of a far-left socialist challenger like AOC) egging Biden on. The moratorium is supposed to expire at the end of August. The White House has admitted that when they want COVID to be over, it is over (think Title 42), but when they need it to justify masks on airplanes or stopping student loan debt repayments, then COVID is still a thing. What are the odds that the Democrats try to push out the moratorium until AFTER the midterms?

We certainly know what Congresswoman Jayapal would say. She wants “justice” and some votes for Democrats, so she’s pushing for “cancellation.” Except that it isn’t “cancellation,” because, again, THAT MONEY WAS SPENT. What Jayapal wants is “forgiveness,” but she didn’t lend that money. The Democrats didn’t lend that money. She can’t just wipe those numbers off the ledgers. The money was spent, and it needs to be repaid. What Jayapal and the Democrats want is for the GOVERNMENT to pay for it. Which means WE, THE TAXPAYERS, would be forced to pay for college for kids other than our own.

That doesn’t sound like “justice” to me.

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The post Jayapal Presents Excuses To Pay For Votes appeared first on Victory Girls Blog.

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The post Jayapal Presents Excuses To Pay For Votes first appeared on USSA News. Visit USSANews.com.

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