• March 23, 2023

Judge Orders Trump Lawyer to Testify, Turns Over the Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ

 Judge Orders Trump Lawyer to Testify, Turns Over the Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ


On Friday, Obama Judge Howell ruled DOJ prosecutors met the threshold for the crime-fraud exception for Trump’s attorney. In her final act on her final day as the top judge in D.C., Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell took the unprecedented and illegal step of handing over Trump’s lawyer’s notes to federal prosecutors.

A Trump spokesperson blasted Judge Howell’s ruling as a “violation of due process.”

“Whenever prosecutors target the attorneys, that’s usually a good indication their underlying case is very weak. If they had a real case, they wouldn’t need to play corrupt games with the Constitution. Every American has the right to consult with counsel and have candid discussions – this promotes adherence to the law,” the spokesperson said, according to CNN.

The Stalinesque Judge Howell is destroying the right to client-attorney privilege.

If they can do this to a former president, they can easily do it to you. You are witnessing the destruction of our Justice system.

“Corcoran, an attorney-turned-witness, had previously testified to the grand jury but declined to answer some questions, citing attorney-client privilege. The department argued to the judge he should not be able to avoid answering because his discussions with the former president may have been part of an attempt to plan a crime,” CNN reports.

They are depriving the former president of the right to an attorney.

This mess is over the documents case. Meanwhile, the Biden government ignores Biden’s document case. Hillary Clinton’s hiding and destruction of 33,000 documents were ignored.

Do you feel like you’re living in the old Soviet Union yet? Howell must think we are.

Trump vows to fight the order by leftist Judge Howell.

Donald Trump said in caps on TruthSocial that it’s time to protest. Describing the nation as in “steep decline,” he said the nation is “being led into World War III by a crooked politician who doesn’t even know he’s alive [Joe Biden], but who is surrounded by evil & sinister people who, based on their actions on defunding the police, destroying our military, open borders, no voter ID, inflation, raising taxes & much more, can only hate our failing USA. We just can’t allow this anymore. They’re killing our nation as we sit back & watch. We must save America! Protest! Protests!”


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