• December 3, 2023

JUST IN: Judge Chutkan Pauses Gag Order on Trump

 JUST IN: Judge Chutkan Pauses Gag Order on Trump

President Trump on Friday filed a motion to stay (halt) the gag order imposed by Judge Chutkan pending appeal.

Judge Chutkan agreed to temporarily pause her own gag order in the DOJ’s January 6 case while Trump and Jack Smith submit appeal briefs.

Judge Tanya Chutkan on Monday imposed a gag order on Trump and it was worse than we thought.

According to Chutkan’s gag order, Trump cannot criticize Special Counsel Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors – even if Trump is telling the truth!

The gag order prevented Trump from criticizing Jack Smith or any of his prosecutors or staffers, any of the Court’s staff or supporting personnel or any ‘witnesses.’

Jack Smith can leak and lie about Trump – and threaten witnesses – but Trump cannot defend himself otherwise he will be violating Chutkan’s unconstitutional gag order!

Trump’s lawyers called out Jack Smith for speculating social media posts about Mike Pence, Mark Milley, Bill Barr and others in his reason to gag Trump.

They are “extremely high-level public figures who have voluntarily entered the public arena and invited the cut and thrust of public debate by openly criticizing President Trump,” Trump’s lawyers argued in their motion to stay the gag order.

NEW: Trump files motion to stay (put on hold) gag order pending appeal. Thug Jack Smith opposes. pic.twitter.com/NdsSXOOA6s

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) October 20, 2023

Jack Smith’s team has until October 25 to file any opposition.

I was wrong on this one.

Chutkan temporarily stays her own gag order pic.twitter.com/AHdLXQEXDO

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) October 20, 2023

CBS News reported:

D.C. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has issued an administrative stay, agreeing to temporarily pause her partial gag order of former President Donald Trump to give the

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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