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Kabul – Why?

 Kabul – Why?


by Sheila G

August 28, 2021

I just finished reading an article titled, “From US withdrawal to fall of Kabul: A timeline of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan” dated 16 Aug 2021 15:43 / Updated 11 days ago published RT News and TV. The link to the article can be found at the end of this article. 

There is a significant issue in this article that must have a light shone upon it. 

April 14, 2021 – quote

“With President Joe Biden now in office, the US announces American troops will leave Afghanistan by September 11 – extending Trump’s previous plan for an exit by May.

“We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan – hoping to create ideal conditions for the withdrawal and expecting a different result,” Biden declared.

He said US forces cannot remain in the country forever and must not be used as “a bargaining chip between warring parties.”

May 1, 2021 – first week of the month

“Two weeks later [approximately the first week of May 2021 ], the Taliban launches a major offensive in the southern Helmand Province. The assaults will only intensify from there, while attempts to revive peace talks fail.”

✅So, the Taliban had May, June, and July to take the country with only Kabul left standing.✅

In the video contained in the article below, General Milley says, “it could take weeks, months, years for the Taliban to takeover”. He then inferred they were faced with both an eleven-day timeline and immediate action prevailed. 

The fact of omitting the three months they observed the country being taken over and reducing it to eleven days is a lie! The lie is to deflect from the rest of the country collapsing during those three months and nothing being done. The Joint Staff  and the CIA watched Afghanistan begin its fall in the first week of May and continued to watch the Taliban take the country except for Kabul during May, June, and July. 

Once Kabul began to fall in August 2021, the Joint Staff proceeded with the drawdown BEFORE evacuating people.

They CHOSE to do nothing during those 3 months. Why?

  • Pretty much for the same reason they did nothing to help the citizens of Portland when Trump was President. Why was that?
  • Military leaders are trained to fight battles. They like war despite what they say. 
  • Wars give them relevance and fame. They get to utilize what they were taught.
  • Wars profit and line many pockets. 

The Joint staff did not want to leave Afghanistan and let them stand up alone for themselves. 

✅ Think about this. Including Viet Nam, name one war or battle the US has injected itself into or created that had the goal to “win”. The fact is there has not been one “win”. We have been in Afghanistan for 20 years. We had ample opportunity to completely eradicate the terrorists. But we didn’t.

Milley has previously said we entered into Afghanistan to train them to be self-sufficient in protecting their own country. 20 years of education is the equivalent of going from Kindergarten to Medical school and ending up a doctor. But when the time came for the Afghans to stand up, they threw down the weapons we provided and ran. Today, and since Viet Nam, we don’t enter wars to win.

  1. The Joint Staff knew under President Trump if the Taliban didn’t live up to the agreement they would pay the price in hell. They knew the drawdown was imminent if he were re-elected. Not helping Portland citizens was one way they could contribute to his demise.
  2. In comes Biden. His handlers decided to go through with the drawdown. The Joint Staff again are not happy. With their inexperience, the handlers stupidly never anticipated and they stupidly did not watch the events unfold. But you know and I know the CIA and the Joint Staff were watching Afghanistan fall during these months.
  3. Milley said it occurred rapidly, in eleven days. No, it did not. The Joint Staff intentionally burned Joe, destroyed his reputation at the expense of letting people die to make their point, to keep their relevance. They took full advantage of a good crisis they created by using the inexperience of Joe’s handlers to ruin him. Kamala, not being the brightest bulb on the shelf, would be much easier to manipulate. 
  4. Many are now calling for Joe to be impeached or to resign. Doing so would make Kamala President of the United States of America.

God help us all if we cannot trust our government, our appointed officials and, our military leaders. It is shameful what has happened In Afghanistan. We lost military members, Afghans who helped us and, many civilians due to retaliation by our military leaders and our Secretary of Defense for leaving a war that was never intended to be won. 

They must be held accountable! Who exactly, needs to be held accountable.  Certainly Biden and his handlers.  But so should the following individual:














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