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Kari Lake Poised to Win in AZ and Meghan McCain Is Furious

 Kari Lake Poised to Win in AZ and Meghan McCain Is Furious

By M Dowling -August 3, 2022

While the race for the Arizona GOP governor’s seat has not been called, it looks like frontrunner Kari Lake will win over RINO-pick Karrin Taylor-Robson. Both Gov. Ducey and former Vice President Mike Pence pushed for Taylor-Robson.

Meghan McCain is bitter over the Trump-backed candidates winning the primaries.

“Congratulations to my home state for full making the transition to full blown MAGA/conspiracy theory/fraudster,” she wrote on Twitter hatefully. We could say a lot worse about her father.


Lake had a double-digit lead over the bland RINO Robson, but that suddenly changed. J.D. Rucker has an interesting take on it on substack. He believes they tried to steal the race. As he said, there’s no proof, so he’ll get slammed. But one must question it when someone goes into a race with such a large lead but does poorly with mail-in ballots that can be corrupted. It’s only common sense.

Rucker has already called the race. He noted that Lake is winning with in-person voting.

“Early voting and mail-in ballots were the first counted, and Robson outperformed anyone’s wildest dreams in those arenas. In the end, in-person voting won out, delivering the victory for Lake,” Rucker said.

Having worked the polls, I can say unequivocally that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud in New York. Early voting sounds like a problem, but I have no experience with it.




She was so hopeful.



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