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MAGA Drag the Interstate has joined the KAG Coalition!

 MAGA Drag the Interstate has joined the KAG Coalition!

by Sheila G

August 27, 2020


We are very excited and honored to announce MAGA Drag the Interstate has joined the KAG Coalition which is hosted by ConservativeChoiceCampaign.com  and other group members.


The leader of the MAGA Drag the Interstate Group is Texas’ own, @GhoSTorM143 on twitter and aka Keith!

Keith has all 50 states set up for cruising the interstate on October 3, 2020 ! We are silent no longer! We also have various weekly State cruising.

The premise is simple and virus safe! We gather at an established starting point with cars, trucks, suvs, flags, signs, hats and whatever else and we drive to the Capitol where possible. Where that isn’t possible we choose specific routes to make an impact. Even if you can’t do the entire drive – do what you can!  This is fun and gets us off Twitter and physically making our presence known. 

If you would like to join your state’s group, you can send Keith a direct message on Twitter to @GhoSTorM143 OR contact the state leader directly by clicking on the red link below for your state and sending a direct message:

AL   @IQDoU?                               

AK   @rampagerantz                               

AZ    @DKon888                               

AR    @DSGBattle                               

CA   @Low60lincoln


CO  @snoflaqewhisprr                               

CT   @ErinforCT110                               

DE   @BigL_IV                               

FL   @oOMel1    


GA   @ursula_1111    


HI   @Followthe_cash                               

ID   @RobynOC43960540                               

IL     @fovaughan                             

IN    @CrazyGammy73   


IO   @AttractiveNuis4                               

KS    @PatriotJ_USA                            

KY   @fovaughan                                

LA     @rhonda_hamby 



MA   @briantopping66 


MD   @nofear868                               

ME   @DianeKleinNJ                               

MI    @qwarriorvictory                               

MN   @AttractiveNuis4                           

MO   @QTheSoundsofWar                               

MS   @ursula_1111   


MT    @PatriotJ_USA     

NC    @savingworld88    



NE    @PatriotJ_USA                          

NH  @DianeKleinNJ       


NJ    @pbs0033



NM   @mljackson12                    

NV   @Followthe_cash   


NY   @zena0214


OH   @1whiteshepherd                              

OK    @OKC_Patriot   


OR   @grow_jill   



PA   @LuzGarc74358973      



SC    @ursula_1111    


SD    @Patriot_USA                              

TX- Abilene    @32020WOKE                              

TX – Austin    @GoToGirl4Truth                              

TX – Boerne   @LaraPatriot                              

TX – Dallas     @Sheepoffthejeep                              

TX – East Tx   @mljackson12                              

TX – Fort Worth       @alley8kat                           

TX – Fort Worth    @DragonOfHearts        

TX –  Houston        @TXHarrington       

TX –  San Antonio @Truthserum4all     

Tx – Sherman         @LaLaWeasel                              

Tx – Sherman         @PatriotJ_USA                               

Tx – Waco               @ChaneyworthJeff                              

UT    @mikejblankman   


VA    @elizsjones                              

VT    @AttractiveNuis4                              

WA    @kilawhale58 


WI    @AttractiveNuis4                              

WV   @BigL_IV                               


The KAG Coalition is comprised of the following Twitter groups:

      Conservative Choice Campaign 2020

      Pride Protectors

      Trump’s Top Patriots

      MAGA Drag the Interstate 


If you are a team, and want to contribute or an individual who wants to join a specific activity (see below), we invite you to join the KAG COALITION for a Zoom conference call (dates to be announced) to discuss our new committees. We hope you will join Saturday afternoon.  You can register by sending us an email:

                                                                  [email protected] 


Stay up to date by reading Conservative Opinions, many written by our fellow twitter users, and reading the current news by joining our website:     Click Here ConservativeChoiceCampaign.  


You can follow me on Twitter and Parler @TheSheilaG2020  (same handle for both)


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