• February 5, 2023

Major Bank Cancels Trump Supporter’s Account Without Warning

 Major Bank Cancels Trump Supporter’s Account Without Warning


A banking corporation, without apology and without much explanation, has shut down a bank account for America First activist Lauren Witzke, but has denied it had anything to do with her conservative beliefs and politics.

A statement from Wells Fargo said the decision was made “appropriately,” but the actions generated a warning from Andrew Torba, the chief of Gab.com, who also has faced banking obstacles because of politics.

“Today it’s Lauren; yesterday it was Gab; and tomorrow it can and will be you,” he warned.

The National File said Witzke, who was a Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware in 2020, confirmed the bank corporation shut down her bank account, removing her money from the entire system.


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It left her with a “zero balance” and she would have been stranded had she not been with friends out of state at the time.

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