• December 2, 2023

Mass protests attacking Jews many of these protestors are not citizens

 Mass protests attacking Jews many of these protestors are not citizens

While our borders are wide open and over five million young, military-age men, many from terror countries, have entered, look at what happened in Israel.


Frank D. Lovell-American Patriots

Free State of Florida

As it crumbled around them!!

Understanding the anti-Jewish protests going on in America. The Muslim Brotherhood was created in the Middle East in the 20’s, for decades has been organized along with other radical Islamic groups, CAIR, etc. in America concentrating on our educational system.


We can predict the future by following history & it’s repeating itself in America today. It is important to note Mao, Hitler & Stalin all grew their power starting with students to oppose their respective governments. The result of this effort is what you are seeing in our educational system today, mass protests attacking Jews. The troubling aspect of this is they are being supported by this govt who has established a commission to address Islamophobia although there is no evidence to support its existence in America, however, every day we see evidence of antisemitism unchecked by this govt. We see protesters with signs & shirts supporting Hamas, who is funding this? This is an organized, highly funded movement to influence public opinion & governmental action & it’s working.


Be mindful many of these protestors are not citizens, they have no First Amendment rights, & they have no right to protest or influence our govt, in fact, it’s illegal, only citizens have that right. Those who protest don’t understand the organizations they support have a hatred & disgust for gay or LGBTQ+ people. If they were in their country, they would execute them for their sexual preference, that is a fact.


What can we do? First, unlike the people of China, Germany & the Soviet Union we must understand & believe what is happening, that the demonstrations are an attempt to take over control of government in conjunction with many other things happening in America. We can demand from our representatives that those people who are in America on student visas or work permits & are demonstrating in support of violence are deported. It’s ironic they are holding signs & chanting Free Palestine, I agree, they should be free from the tyranny of Hamas & the control of Iran, they should be allowed to vote in free elections in Gaza but that will never happen while they are under the control of Hamas.


This govt has erased our southern border, it’s a matter of time before America experiences another terrorist attack. When you hear about Congress allocating border funds it’s not to secure the border it’s to ‘process’ illegals. Recently we had 17 Chinese national spies arrested after illegally arriving in Key Largo Florida. The frightening aspect of this just isn’t the millions of illegals who have been processed into America it’s the millions who walked across the border without being processed, criminals, terrorists, spies. We must ask ourselves where is the Dept of Homeland Security?


It’s also time for this govt to address the Ukrainian issue effectively. Our efforts to support Ukraine have gone above & beyond any perceived responsibility America has. Now is the time for all European nations to stand up & support Ukraine to the fullest, now is the time for our financial aid to stop & we need to focus on the security of America. It’s time for Europe to stand up & put an end to the invasion of Ukraine.


It’s our responsibility to contact our representatives to make sure these issues are addressed.


I often wonder did the Romans believe their empire would last forever, even as it crumbled around them, did they believe things would get better feeling the empire was so good & powerful it could never be destroyed, never realizing it was destroying itself from within as they lived their daily lives?


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