• June 18, 2024

Massive Fire Destroys a Top Producing US Poultry Farm

 Massive Fire Destroys a Top Producing US Poultry Farm

The 60-year-old Wabash family Produce farm, Farina Farms near Marion, Illinois, lost millions of eggs and 1.2 million chickens to a massive fire on Wednesday night.


There’s always insects and fake meat.

The fire was reported to the authorities at 6.30 pm local time, and more than 27 fire departments from the local area attended. The flames reached 15,000 feet at their height.
There were no human casualties.

The fire was so massive that it was spotted on radar between 12,000 to 15,000 feet high!”

Chief Luke Baker said the Beckemeyer Volunteer Fire Department alone transported nearly 30,000 gallons of water over 45 miles to help tackle the blaze.

“You can imagine the amount of water and manpower that was being used,” Baker commented.

It reignited Thursday, according to the Southern Illinois Fire Incidents, which monitored the situation. KMOV also reported the reignition.

It was “a devastating fire,” Jared Nelson Trucking LLC, one of the responders, said while also sharing pictures of the scene. “These pictures show a little glimpse of the magnitude of these flames,” the trucking company added.

“It’s heard [sic] to explain the sheer size of this operation and all the moving parts and straight dedication that went into bringing this fire under control,” the BVFD said.


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