• July 25, 2024

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Biden, Democrats And Media Over Hypocritical Calls For Unity (VIDEO)

 Megyn Kelly Calls Out Biden, Democrats And Media Over Hypocritical Calls For Unity (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is trying to sell a completely bogus message of national unity, and the liberal media is trying to help him.

This is laughable. Just days ago, Biden was calling Trump and his supporters bigots and so was the media.

It’s like they have no idea what kind of anger is brewing on the right, or they just don’t want to know.

Megyn Kelly, formerly of FOX News, appeared on Newsmax and talked about this.

From Newsmax:

Megyn Kelly to Newsmax TV: Biden’s Call for Unity Disingenuous

Joe Biden’s call for unity is more than merely disingenuous, it is also completely detached from reality, according to media personality Megyn Kelly on Newsmax TV.

“Biden tweeted out late Saturday night, a nation unified, a nation strengthened, a nation healed – OK, so, no it isn’t!” Kelly told Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “It’s not even close.

“That was written by a man in his basement for the past year,” she continued to host Greg Kelly, no relation. “Because the nation’s extremely divided right now, extremely divided. And you need to look no further than Joe Biden’s own party.”…

“But, let’s get real. It’s not connected to the reality on the ground in this country right now. And the only reason you’re hearing Biden and all these Democrats calling for it is because they won. It’s only the person that wins that says, ‘lets have unity.’

“But what has he been doing for the past four years, Greg? They have been calling all of the Trump supporters – not just Trump, that would be bad enough – all his supporters, racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists, sexists, transphobe.

Watch the video below:

@megynkelly responds to @JoeBiden’s call for ‘unity’

“The nation is extremely divided – look no further than Joe Biden’s own party” creating ‘accountability lists’ of Trump supporters. [with Newsmax TV’s @gregkellyUSAhttps://t.co/VlT7z8drtOpic.twitter.com/5WJhOwos4J

— Newsmax (@newsmax) November 10, 2020

Isn’t it ironic, that Megyn Kelly seems to understand conservative America better than her former network?

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of Megyn again in the near future.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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