• March 23, 2023

Migrants Kicked Out of The Watson Hotel

A cruise ship terminal is likely to be the next stop for New York City’s migrants after they’ve been locked out of various Big Apple hotels.

They don’t want to stay in the shelter.

Mayor Eric Adams announced that the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal would open Monday and house about 1,000 single adult male migrants.

The migrants were ferried across the city from a tent shelter on Randall’s Island to various hotels. They will now head to the terminal starting Monday morning.

All these young men of fighting age are upset, but another option exists. They can go home. The media calls them asylum seekers, yet, only a small percentage are asylum seekers.

The men were taken to a shelter in Red Hook, but some returned to the Watson and demanded rooms. Families can still stay at the Watson.

There was a mini-riot outside the Watson hotel where Mayor Adams has been housing migrants. The location is being changed from housing single men to housing migrant families, so the men are being moved elsewhere and are not happy about it. They are sending them to Red Hook. They are getting directions from far-left groups.

Go home.

No, go home.

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