• March 23, 2023

MSU Shooter Revealed as Liberal Democrat

 MSU Shooter Revealed as Liberal Democrat

On Tuesday evening Anthony D. McRae, 43, walked around Michigan State and using a 9mm handgun, shot and killed three college students and seriously wounded five more. McRae killed himself later that evening when confronted by police in Lansing while walking home. McRae left a note in his pocket that detailed some sort of manifesto and a list of other targets, whose common traits are not self-evident.

Authorities now regularly delete social media profiles and suppress information about shooter motives so that they can always control the narrative on shooter motives. McRae’s social media is a confusing mix of posts about exorcisms even it was reported he was not personally religious.

Even though Michigan does not have formal party registration, different data vendors track information about every registered voter in order to determine which messages and issues to market to those individual registered voters. The Gateway Pundit asked for the details on the McRae family from one such data vendor and received the following information. The data vendor asked to remain anonymous because of fears of lost business and retribution if they were identified.

Both MSU shooter Anthony McRae and his father, Michael McRae, are registered Michigan voters. Both are identified as solidly ‘liberal democrats’ by a Michigan data vendor. While 2022 election data is not yet available, it appears that father Michael only voted in the 2020 general election, and that Anthony did not vote from his Lansing address living with his father in any Michigan election.

MSU shooter Anthony is further identified as having these personal political values and beliefs:


Opposes Trump’s Muslim Ban

Supports keeping Social Security ‘as-is’

Supports the left-wing redistricting commission

Supports letting transsexuals use whatever bathroom they personally choose

Supports Public Transit and Light Rail Expansion

Supports more funding for government schools

Supports Raising the Minimum Wage

Supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

“Liberal” fiscal views

Supported Clinton in 2016

Supports legalization of marijuana

Opposes a border wall to control immigration

Believes in “Climate Change”

Opposes fracking for energy development

“Strong Supporter” of Gay Marriage

Supports Unions

Michigan data vendors calculate a ‘score’ on how likely an individual voter is to either be a Democrat or a Republican. The low-end scores for MSU shooter Anthony McRae are 4, and are at maximum, 30, identifying him across multiple scoring systems as a solidly liberal Democrat.

While these scores can often have an issue or topic in error, misidentifying a voter as supporting a particular issue they do not, the available data seems

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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