• February 6, 2023

MUST READ: Journalist Tayler Hansen Reveals What He Witnessed with Ashli Babbitt on J6 and During Her Murder (VIDEO)

 MUST READ: Journalist Tayler Hansen Reveals What He Witnessed with Ashli Babbitt on J6 and During Her Murder (VIDEO)

You will never hear this covered by the corporate media and it will be ignored by even the most conservative news sites. But conservative journalist Tayler Hansen wrote a long thread today revealing what he witnessed on January 6th where he walked side by side with Ashli Babbitt.

What you are about to read is a thorough destruction of the media and leftist narrative on January 6th along with a story of state-sanctioned murder. The January 6th Committee did not want to hear from Hansen because he knew the full truth.

Here is the full thread revealing the real story behind January 6th and what happened to Ashli Babbitt. Full credit to Twitchy for first breaking the story:

Three years ago at 2:44PM, I watched an unarmed woman (Ashli Babbitt)— get shot and killed in front of me.

This single handily changed my life forever. Even though it’s been three years, it feels like it was just yesterday. The J6th committee refused to speak with me.

— Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) January 6, 2023

January 6th, 2021, started like any other day of Reporting. I woke up early and planned to conduct interviews and to document what was taking place.

I anticipated violence from Left-Wing groups due to the pattern I had seen emerge at prior Trump rallies once it got dark.

— Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) January 6, 2023

Around 12:20PM, I heard someone gathering a group to “head to the Capitol”.

Trump was still speaking so I found it odd, so naturally, I followed.

Later on, I would find out this was Ray Epps as well as other key actors.

— Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) January 6, 2023

The Ellipse is 1.6 mi away from the Capitol, it takes around 30-33 minutes via walk.

Trump began addressing the crowd at 11:58AM, and made his final remarks at 1:12PM.

Capitol Grounds were breached 19 minutes prior to Trump’s speech concluding.

— Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) January 6, 2023

I arrived outside the Capitol at 12:50PM, within 3 minutes, the initial barrier which had under 7 officers standing post was overwhelmed.

The second barrier went down within the same minute, this time it was Ray Epps who visibly spoke to Ryan Samsel and others right before.

— Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) January 6, 2023

For a while, all was calm and peaceful. Then a concussion grenade was thrown deep into what was a peaceful crowd. This caused an eruption within the crowd.

The crowd surged due to those in the back not understanding what was happening, pushing others forward consistently

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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