• June 16, 2024

MUST SEE: Victor Davis Hanson Delivers Passionate Defense of Trump, the American Worker and the Authentic America He Represents (VIDEO)

 MUST SEE: Victor Davis Hanson Delivers Passionate Defense of Trump, the American Worker and the Authentic America He Represents (VIDEO)

Author, columnist and professor Victor Davis Hanson joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night following the vice presidential debate Thursday where VP Mike Pence mopped the floor with Democrat Kamala Harris.

VDH exposed the Democrat plan for the next four weeks — Democrats and Joe Biden will hide and not be straight with the American public. And they will rely on the liberal mainstream media and the tech giants to carry their water.

Trump must play to the American people.  Trump is the president of the people and must defeat they elites.

Victor Davis Hanson’s excitement tonight was contagious!

Victor Davis Hanson: So we know what they’re doing. They won’t talk. They won’t discuss… They’re going to stay in seclusion. Because they feel these polls are accurate and they’re going to run out the clock and not give any controversial statement… They’re going to outsource this to the media and the Pelosi Democrats… I’ll be frank Tucker, the moderators always have a modus operandi. They always have a gotcha question for Trump. Didn’t you say something about not accepting the election? Didn’t you say something at Charlottesville. And then to the other side we’re not going to ask you anything about “You ain’t black!” or you insulted an African American journalist and called him basically and cocaine junkie. Or why Kamala did you call Joe Biden a racist? And things like that.

So the question is what is Trump to do about this? There’s a 360 degree celebrities, and the academic world, and celebrities and the wealthy and elite of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. I think he has to emphasize that this election is on class it’s not on race! There’s 100 million people, muscular people who are out there every day taking a risk that they’re going to be infected. While they serve you at a store or they bring your DoorDash food to your curbside or they bring your oven when it blows up from Home Depot, or they’re trucking all night or they’re producing food or they’re farming. And yes they don’t always have the correct mask or they don’t social distance but they keeping going for whom? They Zoom and the Skype class! They’re in their basements telemarketing or teleworking or whatever they do and making a lot of money. And then they’re hectoring everybody that they’re politically incorrect or they’re racist, or they’re mask is an inch too small or they were one

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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