• July 13, 2024

NATIONAL SUICIDE: Inside the Democrats’ Plan to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

 NATIONAL SUICIDE: Inside the Democrats’ Plan to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

As the border has been overrun with illegal immigrants in recent years, many people on the right have suggested that the goal of Democrats is to eventually turn these people into Democrat voters.

The report below suggests that this is not a long-term plan for years from now but right now.

Democrats in various American cities are setting up these invaders to vote ASAP, through work permits, which they are all working hard to hand out as quickly as possible.

From the Epoch Times via Zero Hedge:

The Non-Citizen Voting Scam

Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City, Boston, and other municipalities, and statewide in Connecticut.

The number of migrants pouring across the southern border has hit a record high, according to data released on Oct. 21. Illegal immigrant crossings soared 21 percent over the previous month. On a yearly basis, the figure hit 2.48 million.

Democrats may feign shock and distress. Don’t be fooled. Democrats see these newcomers as their guarantee of a permanent voting majority in local elections. Not years from now, after the newcomers become citizens. Right now.

New York Mayor Eric Adams’s rhetoric is typical. He warns that the overwhelming number of migrants arriving—currently 16,000 to 17,000 a month—“will destroy New York City,” but he’s also leading the legal effort to turn migrants into voters.

Mr. Adams and other New York Democrats pushed President Joe Biden to expedite work authorizations for them. They said it’s about making migrants self-sufficient. Maybe, but Democrats have another powerful motive.

If you read the fine print of New York City’s “Our City, Our Vote” law, enacted in December 2021, it says that anyone with a work authorization who has been in the city for a mere 30 days can vote, even if they entered the country illegally.

If Democrats are allowed to get away with this, they will ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States forever.

The country you grew up in will cease to exist.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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