• April 17, 2021

Navarro Destroys Hunter Biden: ‘White Privilege Democrat Royalty’

 Navarro Destroys Hunter Biden: ‘White Privilege Democrat Royalty’

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Rumble — Navarro Destroys Hunter Biden: ‘White Privilege Democrat Royalty’



    • Kaylavon82, 12 hours ago

      Hunter learned from the best liar

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    • Bobb25, 11 hours ago

      I like Navarro, no bull, the damocrats think they are way above the law. We see how destructive they have become, how long will it take the rest of the country to understand the destruction.

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      • Thrutheglass, 7 hours ago

        To fundamentally transform America you must first destroy every remnant of what you are transforming – tip the whole thing upside down and trash everything that represents what the thing stood for – truth becomes lies, lies become truth, male becomes female, female becomes male (and let’s throw in a whole lot of new sexes, just to really screw with the past truths), right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right, right becomes left, left stays insane….

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    • jpallen101, 11 hours ago

      this is what “White privileged” really is – again the Dems project to others what they really are

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      • tvoorhees1978, 2 hours ago

        Right!? Had that been Trump jr’s laptop. He’d already be in prison without due process. We all know that’s true. Hunter Biden is most definitely the crown prince of white privilege. Nailed it

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