• March 31, 2023

New investigation into President Biden- THE BOLD FACED LIAR

 New investigation into President Biden- THE BOLD FACED LIAR

Fellow Patriot,

I have big news- we have begun a new investigation into President Biden. 

My team at America First Legal has launched an investigation into the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) regarding the apparently illegal storage of President Biden’s Senate records at the University of Delaware’s Morris Library. These records are owned by the American people who are entitled to access them.

What documents are hidden there? Approximately 1,875 boxes full of Joe Biden’s senatorial papers and documents from his time in government, including recordings, videotapes and digital records. These documents were transferred to the library at the direction of Biden and his staff.

But was this transfer to the University of Delaware legal?

As a federal depository library, Morris Library must provide public access to all its records. And crucially, although the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t apply to active congressional records, it does apply to records like these that are legally required to be transferred to the National Archives.

This is precisely the case here: all congressional records must be transferred to the National Archives for preservation after each Congress. Yet, the Biden documents remain at the University of Delaware, unlawfully concealed from public scrutiny. Why?  

We at America First Legal are very curious to see what’s inside these hidden Biden records- which, in a highly unusual circumstance, have been carefully concealed. We would also like to know who has been given special access to these records…

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Importantly, this could be a huge development as multiple investigations into Biden’s handling of documents and classified information converge. Are government agencies like the National Archives and the Department of Justice helping Biden flout the law?

I think our own Reed Rubinstein put it best last week- “Biden’s Senate records could provide the public with critical insight regarding Biden’s foreign business ties and his personal relationships. Also, disclosure regarding the persons who have had access to those records, and, ideally, what, if any, records have been removed since the summer of 2022 would be highly illuminating. The law should be obeyed, and the records made public.” 

American First Legal will get to the bottom of this and expose Biden’s hidden documents.


Thank you!

Stephen Miller

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