• July 21, 2024

New Jersey school district apologizes for enraging Muslims by calling ISIS a terror group

 New Jersey school district apologizes for enraging Muslims by calling ISIS a terror group


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Yes, the insanity and denial of obvious reality is moving to a new level. Not long ago, this school may have expected protests for calling ISIS “Islamic,” even though its actual name is “Islamic State.” But now Teaching While Muslim is enraged because the school called the Islamic State a “terror group.” If ISIS isn’t a terror group, what is? But once the Western intelligentsia started denying reality, all bets were off, and this became the inevitable result. For years I have warned that charges of “Islamophobia” were being and would be used to inhibit all opposition to jihad violence. And here we are.


A side note regarding historical illiteracy: this school calls itself Schuyler-Colfax Middle School. This suggests that it was named in honor of two people, one named Schuyler and the other Colfax, or perhaps for one person with a hyphenated surname. In reality, however, the school is named for Schuyler Colfax, who was vice president of the United States from 1869 to 1873. Clearly the people who made the school sign, and possibly the people who ordered it, had never heard of Vice President Colfax, and so stuck an extraneous hyphen between his names, which would be as silly as my calling myself Robert-Spencer. Now, Schuyler Colfax is certainly not a major or pivotal figure in American politics. He was just another postbellum corrupt politician. But Americans should know their history. Not knowing or valuing our culture and heritage is one of the key causes of not being willing to defend them, and they are most certainly under attack.

“New Jersey school district apologizes for offending Muslim group with question about ISIS terror group in quiz,” by Gabriel Hays, Fox News, June 21, 2024:

A New Jersey school district apologized for offending a Muslim activist group this week after a middle school teacher featured a class quiz question naming the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, as a terror group.

The Wayne Township Public Schools superintendent’s office sent out a statement to the district expressing regret over an “inappropriate” question that was asked during a quiz at Schuyler-Colfax Middle School earlier this week.

“The question was offensive and contrary to our values of respect, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity,” the office said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

The superintendent’s letter addressed a recent complaint made by the activist group “Teaching While Muslim” (TWM) on social media.

The group, which describes itself on its website as a network of Muslim educators that confronts “discrimination, implicit bias, and institutional racism” against Muslims in public schools, shared an Instagram post condemning a quiz question that one teacher posed to his seventh-grade students about the Islamic State.

The group shared a screenshot of the question, which read, “It is a terrorist organization that commits acts of violence, destroys cultural artifacts, and encourages loss of life in order to achieve its goal of global rule under strict Islamic Sharia law.”

Students were prompted to choose the group from the multiple choices below, which included, “The Shining Path,” “al Qaeda,” “Islamic State,” and the “Palestinian Liberation Organization.”

The image featured the “Islamic State” bubble filled in, as it was the correct answer. TWM condemned the question in the post’s caption, stating, “We have seen anti Muslim & anti Palestinian sentiments, teachers, and content in our schools over and over again. But we must not allow it to continue. Call and email everyone that you can.”

“This is not okay on a million levels. Go. And yes. This is real,” the post added. It also included a screenshot of the school principal’s alleged apology for the question, as pointed out by conservative journalist Andy Ngo on X….

When asked to confirm details of TWM’s account against Schuyler-Colfax Middle School, the superintendent’s office provided its statement apologizing for the incident.

It read, “First, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the school district. Such incidents are unacceptable and do not reflect the standards we uphold for our educational community. We understand the deep concern and disappointment this has caused among students, parents, and the broader community. It is also important to recognize that one question does not define our entire school community.”…

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