• July 24, 2024

No One Believed Their Lying Eyes About Joe & He Won’t Drop Out

 No One Believed Their Lying Eyes About Joe & He Won’t Drop Out


The media and a lot of Democrats have turned against Joe Biden, but they act like they were snookered. There is a lot of blame-shifting to the White House, the Biden family, and everyone but themselves. They want you to believe they weren’t covering for the Democrat president with mental acuity problems as a committee of Marxists ran the country into the ground. They damaged our economy and our society, and they brought in a new, far more dangerous population to replace us while escalating battles toward World War III.

Ironically, according to CNN senior White House correspondent Kayla Tausche, citing an advisor, Biden vows to return to the debate stage in September. They can say anything. He is also not considering “dropping out.”

The Hill reports, “Of course he’s not dropping out,” Biden campaign spokesperson Seth Schuster said in a text message.” He blamed Trump, calling him the liar.

Everyone in power knew, but they covered up, hoping they could get to November and worry about it later. Either that or this was planned. Biden’s performance could have been set up to eliminate him at the last minute. I tend to think it’s the former. Do you have any ideas?


They think we’re stupid.


Axios political correspondent Alex Thompson didn’t believe his lying eyes. “As someone that’s reported on Biden’s age quite a few times, I can tell you that the WH’s response every single time it has come up, for three and a half years, has been to deflect, to gaslight, to not tell the truth…”


It’s clearly not his age.


At 9:50 last night, Kelly O’Donnell came up with this lie. “NEW: Two sources familiar with the situation say “President Biden has a cold.”

John Heilemann

NBC News’s John Heilemann turns bigly against Joe. There is a “freak out about what they were seeing.” [Why are they surprised? They have to be lying, don’t they?]


Jake Sherman

Punchbowl News founder and NBC/MSNBC correspondent Jake Sherman also commented on X. “I’ve had a lot of conversations in the last 7 hours with congressional democrats. Their sense isn’t that this was a bad debate. It is much worse than that. In their view, Biden didn’t even clear the lowest bar. They may agree with him on policy. But Biden wasn’t even able to articulate what his policies are. For Democrats running down the ballot, this is an incredibly serious problem.”

Bush guy and CNN contributor Scott Jennings acts like the family was solely to blame when Democrats, RINOs, and the media are also to blame.

“We have been told for weeks, weeks, by Democrats who say, oh, in private meetings, I’ve seen Joe Biden do cartwheels and handstands while doing trigonometry while solving all the nation’s problems. We now know that every single person who said that has been lying to the American people.”

They only have themselves to blame, he said.


The candidacy has fallen.


Dave Wasserman, editor at The Cook Report, posted on X.

“This debate making abundantly clear that Biden’s insistence on running for another term – when 66% of voters in our swing state poll believe it’s likely he won’t be able to finish a second term – has gravely jeopardized Dems’ prospects to defeat Trump.

“First rule of campaigns: you have to meet voters where they are, not you wish they were. And you can’t tell voters not to see what they’re seeing.”

Claire sort of tells the truth here.

Claire McCaskill’s job has been to lie non-stop, but she says she has to be honest here. “I have never wanted to be a surrogate more than I do right now. Because when you are a surrogate, you have to focus on the positives. But I have said very clearly and plainly hate my job now to be really honest. Joe Biden had one thing he had to do tonight and he didn’t do it.”


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