• February 5, 2023

Not In America

 Not In America

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

By Frank Lovell

I know I have mentioned this before & it is critical & deserves mention again. I have thought long & hard about just what is the most critical issue in America today?

It all goes back to ‘Not in America ‘hereby known as NIA, it does relate to MIA, think about that.

I can communicate this because I was an NIA person, kinda makes me an expert, I guess. I believed whatever was happening in America for decades never reached the point where people thought NIA. There were times when people wanted change & made it known & others joined & change was done, that’s how America works. There was never a time when I thought about what was happening & thought this could never be happening in America, it was always how America is supposed to work. However, for the first time, I look around me & think NIA, this could not be happening in America, no way. Now that is our problem, a huge one, we must reach out to those who think NIA, supply them with info, express what we know & hope they may start thinking about that possibility we clearly see. We must, as Patriots, accept our responsibility & our duty to our Founding Documents to make the effort to reach out to other Americans with info for thought, that’s all we can do, we would have completed our duty to the Republic if we can accomplish that much. I firmly believe the critical point of saving America is in her elections, our Founders gave us that powerful tool for “We the People,” may we never forget. It’s our only means of controlling government whether it’s local or federal “We the People” have total control, or we should. So, some have concerns with elections as do I, but there is a much bigger picture here. All “We the People,” need is for Americans to be informed & make rational decisions regarding this Republic. We need the most massive vote in American History, we need EVERY Patriot to vote. If that were to happen there would be no need for concerns in the election process for the American People have stood up & made their wishes known, most concerns beyond that would be pushed off the logical count. Ex: you have registered state voters at 2.5 million, you receive 3 million votes, obviously you have a problem & once all those registered & verified votes have been counted, we have an accurate count & it’s a political responsibility to declare that & cast off the other votes. That’s why I firmly believe we need to focus on communication, oh as painful as it may be, some just don’t get it, that is our duty as American citizens. I know there are many other critical concerns in America, but I can’t lose focus on what I believe to be the most critical. Patriots, go communicate with Bill or Sally, anyone, just let them know how you think & feel & ask their opinion, that’s a start. Two troubling issues: Senators Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), & John Cornyn (R-Texas) engaged in behind-the-scenes discussions on an immigration compromise. Reports indicated they were negotiating a deal that would trade border security for amnesty for an estimated 2.1 million DACA-eligible illegal aliens, we need to contact them. The other involves the 2nd amendment, yes, they are going to submit legislation once again. Keep in mind the sole purpose why the 2nd amendment was created. To assure citizens have the means & right to protect themselves from an oppressive federal govt. If we lose that constitutional threat the govt will have no obstacle to total control, it’s happened to other countries in our history. That’s it Patriots, time to get to work, as usual, it never ends.

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