• March 30, 2023

NYC Mayoral Advisor: “F* ‘Em”…They Wouldn’t Get Vaxxed…Cops, Firefighters Have the Cushiest Jobs…People Die”

 NYC Mayoral Advisor: “F* ‘Em”…They Wouldn’t Get Vaxxed…Cops, Firefighters Have the Cushiest Jobs…People Die”


New York City Mayor Adams fired people recently, mostly firefighters and police officers because they wouldn’t get vaccinated. We now know the vaccine protects no one from catching the virus. It didn’t matter, Adams wants only obedience. His team of advisors includes at least one person with like views – Chris Baugh.

We also know now that there are serious adverse effects particularly for young men and perhaps for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

One of his team leaders, Chris Baugh, said he has no sympathy for them.

“F**K ‘EM!” NYC Mayor Eric Adams Advance Team Official Reveals He Has ‘No Sympathy’ For Public Sector Employees Forced Out of Jobs Due to COVID Vaccine Mandate

Chris Baugh, Advance Team Aide, NYC Mayor Eric Adams:

“I have no sympathy for them. They made a choice [not to get vaccinated]. They chose not to do a very harmless thing that protects the rest of society.

[The vaccines don’t protect society]

F**k ‘em. 1,400 people voluntarily quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated. They don’t deserve their jobs back. We have thousands and thousands of vacancies in city government right now. I’m worried about filling all of those jobs more than I’m worried about giving people who volunteered to leave their job back.”

“I don’t give a sh*t. They are like, ‘This is unfair.’ F**king deal with it. We’re allowed to set the terms of employment. Period.”

“I have no sympathy for those people. That was the rule. You had a very cushy government job…Again, no one was required to get vaccinated. You just had to get vaccinated if you had a job. So, you could have moved to Florida.”

[Fighting fires and taking on criminals in New York City are “very cushy jobs???”]

“The cops are mad at us though because we rolled back the private sector mandate, but we’re not rolling back the public sector mandate…COVID is over is the short answer. Why are we still doing it [vaccine mandate] for the public sector? I don’t know. We will probably stop that in a few months.”

“Being a cop is like the cushiest gig in the city. Like, you might get shot, but otherwise it’s very good.”

[The city is dangerous and criminals run amok. The police arrest them and they are out without bail within hours.]

“I’ve just always joked — New York is sort of like Hogwarts. Like, it’s a lot of fun, great opportunities, and people die.”

[Oh, well, people die.]

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