• March 28, 2023

Observations on the Paul Pelosi – David DePape Videos – What Looks Weird and What’s Missing?

 Observations on the Paul Pelosi – David DePape Videos – What Looks Weird and What’s Missing?

Today three videos related to the Paul Pelosi hammer incident at the Pelosi home were released.  The entire event was weird and it just got weirder.

Three long-awaited videos came out today related to the attack on Paul Pelosi in the early morning of October 28, 2022.

These are discussed below in the order in which they occurred.

DePape Enters the Home

The first video is the security camera footage from that night outside the Pelosi home.  This was released by FOX News.  The time stamp on this video is at 5:06 on October 28th.  The reason for this difference is likely because the video came from the US Capitol Police who had cameras on the Pelosi house because Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House at the time.  This time would be eastern time which would be 2:06 Pacific in San Francisco.

Fox News obtained footage of David DePape busting the window with a hammer before entering the home.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

This video starts at 5:04 am mark showing David DePape walking around the house with nothing in his hands.  He looks right at the surveillance camera and then leaves and comes back with a large backpack on his back and a large bag in his left hand.  The video then shows DePape hitting a back window with a hammer over and over and eventually stepping through the window and into the house.

What was weird was seeing DePape looking right at the camera, leaving, and then coming back with his backpack and bag.

We also don’t know if he came back to grab his bags or what after he entered the house.  The video ends there.  We have no video of DePape in the house at this time. 

The biggest question is how could DePape walk around the house and hammer on a window and break into the house and not trigger any surveillance motion detectors causing a visit from the police.

The 911 Call

The second video jumps to a 911 call that Paul Pelosi made to authorities early that morning.  This call occurred at 2:23 am or a little more than 10 minutes after DePape entered the house.

This call sounds like a man who is calling for help.  What is very odd is that DePape is there listening to the call.  He even offers his name.

And here is Paul Pelosi’s 911 call. pic.twitter.com/IyHHfvPQcg

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) January 27, 2023

The Police Camera

The third video was the police camera from one of the policemen on the scene at the Pelosi residence that morning.  The time stamp shows at 9:32 am.  If this is Greenwich Mean Time and the time zone was daylight savings time, then this would have been 2:32 am in San Francisco or about 9 minutes after the 911 call.

This is a very disturbing video

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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