• December 8, 2021

‘Too personally invested’: Republicans demand FISA court explain why Obama

by Daniel Chaitin  & Jerry Dunleavy  | January 16, 2020 A pair of Republican lawmakers demanded answers from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court about why it selected former Obama administration lawyer David Kris to oversee reforms in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process. Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina sent a letter […]Read More

‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’ VA Gov Bans Guns From Pro 2A

Eric Scheiner , @schinemanJanuary. 15. 2020 Days before Second Amendment supporters are set to rally at the State Capitol grounds in Richmond, Virginia; Governor Ralph Northam has banned all firearms from the area. “I am declaring a state of emergency in Richmond from Friday evening until Tuesday evening. This will include a ban on weapons of any kind […]Read More

Iran International Swamp Part 2

by Amazing Polly Who were the people on the downed Ukrainian Airlines flight out of Tehran, Iran? Most passengers were bound for C-a-n-a-d-a.. why? Is this a re-run of the CIA’s Project AERODYNAMIC? What clues are there that the True North is infiltrated by operatives from that middle eastern country? Also I give some updates […]Read More

NY Times Demands ‘Total Shift’ in Movies People Like, to

By Clay Waters | January 15, 2020  The New York Times continues to ruin nights out at the movies. Entertainment reporters Brooks Barnes and Nicole Sperling lamented the Academy Awards nominations: “The Oscar Leaders, And the Overlooked – With 11, ‘Joker’ scores the most  nominations.” “The Irishman,” “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” and “1917” each received 10 nominations. Black […]Read More

‘Abortion Is Normal’: Media Praise ‘Emergency’ Pro-Abort Art Exhibit

By Gabriel Hays | January 15, 2020  Our democracy is dying: Russia/Ukrainegate has floundered and legal abortion may not be long for this world. In this dire time for progressives, a disgusting pro-abortion art installation must give them comfort. The Guardian and Bloomberg News praised the latest abomination in modern art as a necessary balm to the country’s […]Read More

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