• May 28, 2023

Parents Defending Education

 Parents Defending Education


They say “all politics is local” — and that’s certainly true when it comes to what our children are being taught in classrooms across the country.


If you, like so many parents and concerned Americans, have a problem with the way our kids’ education is being radicalized and politicized, the place to start is with your local school board.


And that’s exactly what Parents Defending Education is doing with your help through our critical new project to shine a light on school board elections across America.


Your local school board is quite possibly the single most powerful political entity when it comes to what our kids are learning each and every day.


School boards set policy on a wide range of issues, from determining curriculum and

choosing textbooks, to setting school policies, hiring and firing superintendents, paying “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” consultants to turn schools woke, creating dress codes, and more.


It’s easy to blame the national political culture for activists imposing harmful agendas in our schools. But the fact is, the most effective way to take back your school is by getting engaged with your local school board — starting with school board elections.


But despite being local, school board elections can be a difficult example of the shady side of local politics.


It can be surprisingly difficult to even find out when an election is taking place or what rules are involved in running and campaigning. Some school boards are anything but transparent, preferring to operate with as little public scrutiny and accountability as possible. In the meantime, radical activists and others with harmful agendas are quietly running the show in schools across America.


And no one is holding these school boards accountable for their actions. Parents Defending Education is determined to change all that — but we need your help, Chip.


By taking a moment to answer a few simple questions about your local school district, you’re helping Parents Defending Education use the grassroots power of people like you — concerned parents and citizens — to bring honesty and openness to school board elections and accountability to the system.

With the help of committed friends like you, we’re working to shine a light on school board elections in every one of the over 13,000 local school districts across America.


Our children are the future of America — which is exactly why they’re being targeted by radical activists with a campaign to impose toxic curriculums and force our kids into divisive identity groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, and gender.


 You can help us by answering a few simple questions today.


It’s time for our schools to return to teaching our children what they need to grow and succeed. Together, we can effect change by impacting our local school board elections.


Thank you for your help today!


Nicole Neily


Parents Defending Education


P.S. Please consider forwarding this  email to people you know who live in other school districts, whether they’re just one town away from you or on the other side of the country. The more widespread the information we receive, the more effective our School Board Elections Project will be! I’d love to hear from concerned parents and citizens from Washington to Maine, California to Florida — and everywhere in between. Thanks! — NN

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