• May 18, 2021

PARENTS: You Have The Power

 PARENTS: You Have The Power

Parents across the country are worried about what their children are being taught in school, with subject matters such as critical race theory, the transgender agenda, and revisionist history being forced on them, not to mention the sexualizing of children that is taking place. Parents are also very concerned about their children being made to wear masks for upwards of seven hours a day, and battling school boards to remove the mandate. In fact, just do a quick search on the internet and witness how many parents are suing school boards across the country right now. Bring the fire!

Fortunately, your voice is being heard on many of these agendas being pushed on children in school, and some states are taking action through legislation. Arkansas was the first state to pass a bill banning transgender hormone therapy and surgery in children under 18, and numerous other states have bills in the works, so get louder. Idaho and Oklahoma are trying to pass bills banning critical race theory training. Hopefully, other states follow suit. America First Legal, launched by former senior Trump officials, is pursuing a lawsuit against Critical Race Theory.

Your voice is being heard, so keep the pressure on, keep the momentum rolling, and take it directly to the school boards!

Below is helpful information about school boards from Corey’s mom, who spent years being involved in the school district on many levels, volunteering for field trips, fighting bills at the state level, and ran two campaigns for superintendents… all while having to raise a couple of rebels. She even took charge of the laborious task of assigning lockers to over 2,000 students, so Corey of course, made sure herself and friends had an entire hallway by the best exit.

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