• November 29, 2023

Poll: ‘Civil War’ expectations reach new high, 71% of Trump voters

 Poll: ‘Civil War’ expectations reach new high, 71% of Trump voters

Soul searching and lecturing following the election and Wednesday’s Capitol protests and riots have done nothing to tamp down GOP outrage.

According to a new survey, a record high 71% of President Trump’s supporters believe the country is headed toward civil war.

What’s more, 40% of President-elect Joe Biden’s supporters agree.

Trump has done little to cool feelings, today tweeting that he plans to stay in the fight after leaving office.

The poll from the Frontier Center’s Ear to the Ground, shared with Secrets, is the latest to show the deep division in the nation and likely support Trump has.

Civil War graph.png

Frontier Center’s Ear to the Ground project

The Center’s Anne Sorock Segal told us, “The controversy over the disputed election outcome is crystallizing the view that a new Civil War is coming. Trump supporters view the election not as end point, now, but as a phase line in a war that has already begun.”

She offered up other details from the findings.

When asked, “Who won the election technically?” the responses were:

  • If you believe Civil War coming: 17% Biden won, 81% Trump won, 3% unsure
  • If you believe no Civil War coming: 55% Biden, 25% Trump, 14% unsure
  • Unsure on Civil War: 40% Biden, 48% Trump, 12% unsure

Several other polls throughout the election showed rising concern of a potential civil war. This week’s protests and riots on Capitol Hill and other state capitals suggest the polling is pretty accurate.



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