• June 19, 2024

POTUS Rally in Tulsa

 POTUS Rally in Tulsa

by Bikers for Trump

We have less than one week until President Trump holds his next big Make America Great Again in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Already the violent leftist mob is threatening to crash the President’s rally and intimidate his supporters.

You can bet Bikers for Trump will be on hand to assist President Trump’s campaign with crowd control. And I assure you, our Bikers aren’t easily intimidated.

Help get more of our Bikers on the ground in Tulsa to support President Trump and to stop any voter intimidation by making a quick contribution of $15, $25, $55 or even more right now.

Chip in $15

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We’ve already seen the destruction these anti-police rioters have caused in the liberal bastions of New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

You can send a message that we won’t tolerate the left’s violent looters and rioters in Tulsa by making a small contribution to help get our Bikers on the ground for President Trump.

Send our Bikers to Tulsa

We have just 5 days to organize, that’s why your contribution can’t wait another day.

Dale Herndon
Dale Herndon
Bikers for Trump

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