• March 31, 2023

President Trump Uses Iconic Catchphrase: PELOSI HAS BEEN FIRED! ISN’T THAT NICE?

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Trump has filed his FEC  and has officially announced he will be running for the presidency in 2024.

During his speech, Trump talked about a wide range of topics, and one of the topics centered around Nancy Pelosi.

In his Presidential announcement speech, Trump stated “We’ve taken over Congress. Nancy Pelosi has been fired.”

How fitting, President Trump the man who made ratings for his hit TV show The Apprentice go through the roof for his catchphrase  “You’re fired!”, is now announcing Pelsoi’s firing.


TRUMP: “We’ve taken over Congress. Nancy Pelosi has been fired. Isn’t that nice?” pic.twitter.com/oWvw95Xpzt

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) November 16, 2022

Trump would take another jab at Pelosi and stated “Nancy Pelosi is on her way to another country right now.”

Earlier on Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported the House had reached a majority with 218 seats with still 14 races undecided.

Decision Desk HQ projects Republicans have won a majority in the U.S. House with at least 218 seats.

Final count pending calls in 14 outstanding races.#DecisionMade: 6:13pm EST

Follow more results here: https://t.co/erllKAE1oNpic.twitter.com/xd1w6W9e28

— Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) November 15, 2022

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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