• July 24, 2024

Pro-Hamas Protesters Angry at Face Mask Ban on New York Subways

 Pro-Hamas Protesters Angry at Face Mask Ban on New York Subways




What a terrible burden has just been placed in New York City on the heroes of the pro-Hamas “resistance” against the Jewish state and the cursed Jews, and many non-Jews, who support it. From now on, by law, they will not be able to wear face masks in the New York City subway system. This is likely to inhibit the more “expressive” of them from fully conveying their views, by such things as pulling off an Orthodox Jewish woman’s wig, or landing a few punches on the thin, pale face of a 12-year-old yeshiva student, or — what fun! — tugging on a rabbi’s beard, and then attacking man who had tried to defend one of those victims from the antisemitic tormentors, but was instead knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head. And a good time was had by all of the ebullient perpetrators, so long as they could wear face masks that would enable then to get away undetected. Now those face masks will no longer be allowed. More on the balaclava brownshirts who will now be forced to go maskless, and consequently are most distressed, can be found here: “Anti-Israel activists protest proposed New York subway mask ban,” by Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, July 1, 2024:

New York City far-left and anti-Israel activists protested against the proposed subway mask ban on Saturday [June 29].

New York City Revolutionary Youth, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, New York City Resistance Coalition and other groups rallied at Gov. Kathy Hochuls’s [sic] office to demonstrate against the leader weighing a ban on masks in New York State’s subways following a series of antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents by masked activists.

This mask ban is a clear infringement on the rights of the people which we will not stand idly and watch,” the coalition of activist groups said in a protest advertisement on Thursday.

The mask ban did not come out of the blue. It was a direct response to the pro-Hamas demonstrators who filed into a subway car and proceeded in a threatening manner to demand that “any Zionists” in the car should “raise their hands” and then “get out.” Naturally, no one did, but the clearly antisemitic threat hovered in the air.

The activists marched to the offices of Fox News and the New York Post over their “complicity and support for the mask ban and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

These nitwits claim — they can’t possibly really believe it — that there is a “genocide” of the nonexistent Palestinian people now going on. We can only respond, wearily, that there were 400,000 Arabs in Gaza in 1967, when Israel took control of the Strip, and 1.2 million when Israel pulled out in 2005; similarly, there were 900,000 Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank in 1967, when Israel took possession, and today there are more than three million. In Israel, there were 160,000 Arabs at the end of the 1948 war; today there are two million. Genocide? What genocide? As for the mask ban, that is a crime prevention measure. There will be fewer hate crimes directed at Jews — their numbers have been skyrocketing since October 7 — if the perpetrators can no longer hide their faces. They have no more right to remaining masked than do people having their photographs taken for their driver’s license or passport.

Writers Against the War on Gaza said on social media on Friday that masks protected people from the spread of viruses like COVID-19 and prevented state surveillance and doxing by pro-Israel activists.

The mask ban makes an exception for masks worn for medical reasons, such as that in force between 2020 and 2022 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The claim that such masks would no longer be allowed is ludicrous.

The other objection, that the mask ban will create some kind of fearful “state surveillance,” is also preposterous. The only people affected will be those who commit crimes, especially hate crimes, in the subway stations and in subway cars, such as the pro-Hamas demonstrators who have been wearing masks as they threaten bully, and attack Jewish passengers.

“New York has a long history of using mask bans to repress popular struggle. They were first implemented in the 1800s to crush armed uprisings by tenant farmers in the Hudson Valley, and only repealed in 2020 when the city was ravaged by the novel coronavirus,” WAWOG said on Instagram. “When we confront mask bans, we confront legacies of racism, state-sanctioned violence, and Islamophobia. We confront a ruling class that endeavors to divide our movement and sever our solidarity with Gaza. Strike back against the fascist mask ban….

No, there is no such long history of a mask ban being enforced. It may have been on the books, but when, since the early 1800s, was it enforced? Quite the contrary. in the last century the only time mask-wearing has been regulated has been during the COVID-19 pandemic, when masks were not prohibited but required, and not only in subways, but everywhere.

“Popular struggle,” “legacies of racism,” “state-sanctioned violence,” the “ruling class,” and even “Islamophobia”— it’s all there, every cliched phrase and thought, for these pro-Hamas people also turn out to be the vanguard of the revolution, comrades! It’s the New Left, same as the Old Left, quite likely favoring Mao’s Little Red Book for bedtime reading, if not Stalin’s “Short Course.” With a heavy admixture of antisemitism for that authentic, currently fashionable revolutionary taste.

Those who are outraged about no longer being able to wear masks in the NYC subway system, the very masks which until now have allowed them to more easily evade identification after harassing, threatening, and beating Jews on subway cars and on station platforms, are the true fascists, with a simian similarity to Mussolini’s Blackshirts, or even to Hitler’s Stormtroopers, those who had such great fun tormenting Jews on Kristallnacht, as a warmup to the Final Solution, not so long ago, and not so far away.

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