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Pro-Vaccine Pharma Invite You to D.C. to “Protest Against Vaccine Mandates” – Did You Forget What Happened on Jan. 6th 2021?

 Pro-Vaccine Pharma  Invite You to D.C. to “Protest Against Vaccine Mandates” – Did You Forget What Happened on Jan. 6th 2021?


by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News    Source

One year ago, on January 6, 2021, then President Donald Trump invited his supporters to join him in Washington D.C. for a “Stop the Steal” rally. They were angry that the election was stolen from Trump.

One week before the rally, I published an article just after President Trump had signed into law a $2.3 TRILLION “COVID relief” bill robbing Americans at the expense of Wall Street Billionaires, and I wrote:

If you still think Trump is going to save the Republic and you are planning on heading to Washington D.C. on January 6th to show your support of him, you could very well be putting your own life at risk and be taking a suicide trip.

Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption and Satanic activity, and it could be pure suicidal for American patriots and militia groups to all be there at one time, giving the enemy the opportunity to take out as many of you at one time as they can.

Why would you risk that? For Trump??

President Trump is still the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief of the nation’s armed forces. If he wants to start arresting criminals for treason, he doesn’t need my help or your help, at least not in Washington D.C., one of the most corrupt places on the planet.

If Americans want to take their country back and drain the swamp, you better start planning on doing it now, without Trump’s help. There is no telling what his handlers are going to tell him to do in the days ahead, and even if he himself does not have nefarious plans in store for citizens and militia groups who may go to Washington D.C. on January 6th, there probably are many others who do. (Source.)

One year later, it is obvious that I was correct, and that everyone who obeyed Trump and was in Washington D.C. that day made a huge mistake.

Even if someone was not part of the rally, or the group that walked into the Capitol Building, but was simply just in the area carrying a cell phone, they ended up on a Government list of potential “terrorists.”

Those who entered the Capitol building were setup, and many were arrested, and some are still rotting away in horrible conditions inside prison cells to this day.

Even if Trump had no idea ahead of time that this was going to happen, it was still a disastrous decision for all those who foolishly attended the rally, and Trump did nothing afterward to pardon people before he left office, nor has he done anything to free people who were arrested since he left office.

This whole event should be labeled as “Lesson Learned!”

Do NOT go to political protests in Washington D.C.! You are fighting the enemy on their turf, in one of the most Satanic and evil places on the planet.

How many people even know that the National Monument in D.C. is a Freemason Satanic obelisk, and is the tallest obelisk in the world? Construction of it began in 1848 and was completed in 1884. Freemasons laid the cornerstone on July 4th, 1848 using George Washington’s Masonic apron, gavel and other Masonic regalia. George Washington was a 33rd degree Freemason.

It represents the male sex organ, a penis. It is reported to measure at the ground level on each side 55.5 feet long, which is equal to 666 inches, while the height is 555.5 feet, which is equal to 6,666 inches.

And this is just one of the many Satanic occult images throughout Washington D.C.

Big Pharma Funded Pro-Vaccine Professionals Want Conservatives to go to D.C. Again, to “Protest Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates”

I will warn you right now that what I am about to report about the sponsors of this upcoming rally in Washington D.C. is going to upset quite a few people.

So I want to make it very clear at the start just what my intentions are in publishing this information, all of which is found in the public realm, which is to try and convince our Health Impact News readers NOT to go to Washington D.C. later this month, because I have grave concerns that this might be a setup, even if the organizers of the rally themselves do not have any negative motives to invite you, which I assume they do not.

But much like my warning a year ago to the Trump supporters who were invited to D.C., other forces may be present that put you in great danger, and if you just think through this rationally, you should see that protests in Washington D.C. really never accomplish anything, other than creating a news event and media spotlights for the speakers, such as Donald Trump enjoyed last year as he rallied his fan base at the Nation’s Capital.

As I have previously written, much of the Alternative Health Media has been taken over by pro-vaccine doctors and others who still profit from Big Pharma, but are now becoming “superstar” doctors because they oppose the COVID-19 shots. See:

How Much Longer will the World Continue to Look to Medical Doctors to Save Them?

These members of Big Pharma are getting a free pass in the Alternative Media simply because they oppose the COVID-19 shots, and nobody is asking them the hard questions about their previous work in creating and distributing vaccines and other harmful drugs, or the funding they may still be receiving from Big Pharma.

Should not the public be aware of these associations, either in their past or still in their present day work, before trusting these people in rallying the public to come to Washington D.C., especially after what happened last year on January 6th?

I know that I am going to upset a lot of people by reporting this, because many of these new “superstar” medical doctors in the Alternative Media seem to be developing cult-like followings, much like the believers in the Donald Trump cult.

I became very concerned yesterday as I was going through my news feed, and saw an announcement in a Right-Wing Conservative, Christian publication that announced this upcoming event.

Notice that the headline of this article talking about the D.C. rally says that the rally is a “protest against COVID vaccine mandates,” and not a protest against the vaccines themselves.

This is a very similar position to what Donald Trump is currently promoting, which is that he is against the “mandates,” but not the vaccines themselves which he wants everyone to take.

Here is the event’s website, which is called “defeatthemandatesdc.com.”

It takes some serious financial resources to organize an event like this, so let’s take a look at the event’s three sponsors:

  • The Unity Project
  • Global Covid Summit
  • Children’s Health Defense

The people running these organizations must all be anti-vaccine, right?

No, actually all of them are pro-vaccine, and only against the COVID-19 shots, or at least against mandating the COVID-19 shots.

And most of them all have ties to Big Pharma funding.

Dr. Malone is perhaps the most popular “superstar” doctor making the rounds of interviews in the Alternative Health media who appears to be the point person promoting this event in D.C.

He recently announced this rally on the Joe Rogan show, where he stated:

“This is not about being anti-vaccines; it’s about being anti-mandates, and our hope is that we bring people together.”

Malone makes it very clear he is not “anti-vaccine,” and his main qualification to speak on this topic that has made him so popular as one of the new “superstar” doctors seems to be that he is “the inventor of mRNA,” the technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna shots.

I have not listened to any of these interviews with Dr. Malone, but has anyone in the Alternative Health Media asked him why he invented mRNA technology, and who funded it?

I assume he developed the technology to be used in drugs and vaccines, and that his funding came from Big Pharma.

According to the pro-pharma Wikipedia site, Dr. Malone was a graduate student researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California, in the 1980s. The Salk Institute was founded in 1960 by Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine.

More from his Wikipedia page:

Malone has served as director of clinical affairs for Avancer Group, a member of the scientific advisory board of EpiVax, assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore school of medicine, and an adjunct associate professor of biotechnology at Kennesaw State University.

He was CEO and co-founder of Atheric Pharmaceutical, which in 2016 was contracted by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases to assist in the development of a treatment for the Zika virus by evaluating the efficacy of existing drugs.

Until 2020, Malone was chief medical officer at Alchem Laboratories, a Florida pharmaceutical company.

I think it is safe to say that Dr. Malone has earned his living primarily from Big Pharma, which includes developing technology for vaccines, including the mRNA vaccines.

He is listed as one of the members of the “Strategic Advisory Council” of The Unity Project, one of the three organizations funding the D.C. rally.

Another member of this group is Dr. Peter McCullough, another medical doctor who has achieved “superstar” status in the Alternative Health media since COVID started in 2020. We also have featured Dr. McCullough here at Health Impact News, as he has an excellent message about early treatments and the fraud associated with COVID.

But according to Open Payments, McCullough has profited quite a bit from Big Pharma, even in 2020, by receiving payments from the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Open Payments, McCullough collected over $2 million in payments from Big Pharma from 2014 through 2020, mostly for “consulting fees,” but also including “Food and Beverage” and “Travel and Lodging” among other payments.

In 2020, he received $41,649.05 from Astrazeneca, and $10,000 from Janssen Research, two pharmaceutical companies producing COVID-19 vaccines.

You can view all the members of The Unity Project here. It would appear that most of these members are also a part of Big Pharma. The first person on the page, for example, is Dr. Paul Alexander who is a:

“Former WHO/PAHO Washington DC Consultant and Senior Advisor to the US government in 2020 reporting to the Department of Health and Human Services.”

The Department of Health and Human Services, of course, is that branch of the federal U.S. Government that also includes the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, Fauci’s NIAID, among others.

So not only are some of the sponsors of this event in Washington D.C. linked to Big Pharma, some of them are also linked to the U.S. Government health agencies, who are recipients of massive amounts of funding stolen from the American public and used to fund Trump’s Operation Warp Speed in 2020.

Another sponsor of the “Defeat the Mandates” rally coming up in Washington D.C. is the “Global Covid Summit.”

Their About Us page states:

Global Covid Summit is the product of an international alliance of doctors and scientists, committed to speaking truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment.

There is not a lot of information about their group on their website, but their “News” page and Declaration Page feature a lot of the same names as The Unity Project, and appear to be primarily Big Pharma doctors and scientists.

Their “Resources” page is quite revealing, and is a very strong indicator that they are not “anti-vaccine,” as they list the FDA, the CDC, and WHO as “resources,” and of course these are criminal organizations funded by Big Pharma, and the primary means by which the pharmaceutical industry inflicted the entire COVID plandemic scam on the world.

Most of these doctors and scientists still earn their living from Big Pharma today, and they are “pro-vaccine.”

Then there is the third group sponsoring this rally in Washington D.C., Children’s Health Defense, led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Mr. Kennedy is not a doctor or scientist from Big Pharma, but he is pro-vaccine.


This short video clip was published by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, an outspoken critic of Mr. Kennedy. He ran for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts against Mr. Kennedy’s nephew, Congressman Joseph Kennedy, so the two are not friends, to say the least.

Mr. Kennedy published a critical piece against Dr. Ayyadurai on his Children’s Health Defense website on April 28, 2020.

The next day, on April 29, 2020, Dr. Ayyadurai published a page on his website with 5 Facts on Robert Kennedy’s alliances, partnerships and endorsements, where Ayyadurai claims that the Kennedy family has a long history of supporting mass vaccination efforts in the U.S., and was a long-time supporter of Hillary Clinton and Big Pharma.

Does Children’s Health Defense (CHD) receiving funding from Big Pharma or Wall Street investors?

I don’t know, but if you support CHD I would encourage you to ask them.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, they are required by law to make available to the public their IRS tax form 990. I could not find their 2020 IRS tax form online, so I had to email them to get it, and they responded very quickly and emailed it to me.

In 2020, the year the plandemic scam started, CHD’s revenue more than doubled from $2,941,894 in 2019 to $6,834,424 in 2020.

Mr. Kennedy’s declared salary also increased from $255,000 in 2019 to $345,561 in 2020.

Of their $6,834,424 of revenue in 2020, $3,153,040 of that was reported from “Gifts, grants, contributions, and membership fees received.”

We don’t know if there were any large donations from wealthy donors, because in 2018 the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that non-profits no longer had to disclose the identities of their donors.

So you could ask CHD about that if you support them, and then also ask where the remaining $3,681,384 of revenue came from in 2020 when their revenue more than doubled.

Conclusion: Do NOT Go to D.C. for “Rallies”!

I know I am going to get a lot criticisms for this article, but I want to state again that my intention is NOT to publish “hit pieces” on these people profiting from Big Pharma.

We have featured many of them here on Health Impact News, and many of them have very important and very key voices in exposing how evil the COVID-19 shots are, especially from an insider perspective.

But I am getting increasingly uncomfortable for the “free ride” these Big Pharma-funded speakers are getting from the Alternative Health media, who seem to have no concern about their alliances with Big Pharma and being supported and funded by the very criminal industry that put us all into this horrible situation we are in now with Medical Tyranny.

Are we to now just blindly follow them and accept them as the leaders of the Alternative Health media and movement that for the past many decades now have published the truth about the evil purposes of Big Pharma and their deadly vaccines, which have never been scientifically proven to stop any diseases, let alone be “safe,” and have caused so much death and suffering?

I greatly appreciate their efforts to be whistleblowers during this COVID plandemic scam, but I am certainly not trusting them, as long as they continue to be aligned with and funded by the criminal pharmaceutical industry, with leading us to any political solutions to the situation we now find ourselves in that is threatening the entire human race.

My advice is don’t go to their rally in D.C., especially in light of what happened on Jan. 6th last year. The only benefit I can see to this rally in D.C. is bringing more fame to their “superstar” status as medical professionals, or raising more money for their non-profit organizations.

But there are negative risks as well, and we only need to look back at what happened on Jan. 6th a year ago to see how serious those negative risks can be.

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. (Proverbs 27:12)


How Much Longer will the World Continue to Look to Medical Doctors to Save Them?

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