• July 24, 2024

Protective Services Allegedly Seek Custody of Man’s Teenage Children For Giving Them Ivermectin

 Protective Services Allegedly Seek Custody of Man’s Teenage Children For Giving Them Ivermectin



A disturbing video has surfaced from Manchester, New Hampshire that claims child protective services seek to take a man’s children for giving them ivermectin.

In the video, a woman recorded herself explaining that hospital staff and child social service agents were working together to track down the gentleman.

The woman in the video states all the hospitals in the surrounding area were on standby to take the man’s children if he brought them into their facility.

She explains that New Hampshire DCF (New Hampshire Division of Children, Youth and Families) has allegedly filed a court order to take the man’s children because he gave them ivermectin.



In the United States, it’s now okay to give your children an experimental mRNA gene therapy injection that only has emergency use authorization from the FDA.

However, you will lose custody of your children for giving them a Nobel Prize-winning, FDA-approved drug that’s prescribed billions of times and with a safety profile better than Tylenol.

The woman explains in a later video that the man allegedly called his PCP (primary care physician) about his child not feeling well.

When he told the PCP about giving his children ivermectin as a preventative from COVID-19, the PCP said there were adverse reactions and to bring them to a local hospital.

The man allegedly didn’t bring his children to the hospital, and DCF was contacted by the PCP and hospital staff.

Later, she states in the video that it was NOT confirmed that ivermectin caused the child to feel unwell.

But that didn’t stop the manhunt to remove custody of two teenage children from their father.

Watch this series of videos the woman published to Tik Tok on the HealthImpactNews Bitchute Channel:

While it’s apparently now a crime in America to give your children ivermectin, WLT breaks down the facts about the Nobel Prize-winning, FDA-approved drug.

Earlier this week, accusations were brought against the FDA for colluding with the USPS to destroy packages coming into the country that contained ivermectin.

Now let’s dig even deeper into the story of Ivermectin, shall we?

Have you seen this?

Two Separate Doctors Claim OVER 100 Members of Congress Treated With Ivermectin!

Anyone else mad yet?

And today I have a new video to show you.

Someone sent this to me really explaining what Ivermectin is, it’s history and so much more.

They don’t want you to see this which is exactly why I’m sharing it with you.

Watch it here on Rumble:

Remember this disclaimer:

I am not a doctor.  I am not saying Ivermectin treats or cures any disease.  I am not giving you medical advice.  I’m a REPORTER.  I research and I report and I give you the full story open and honestly so YOU can decide.  

Now let’s go to another video.

This woman below documented her own journey with Ivermectin on video.

She starts off looking not so good but makes a swift turnaround in just a few days.

This is not me talking, listen to her share and document her own story….

Here is the video from Rumble:

Now let’s talk about the MSM disinformation campaign, which is a nice way of saying “outright lies and propaganda”.

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