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Race in America!

 Race in America!

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

by Frank D. Lovell – 03/28/2022
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

Race in America

Why is this an issue in America? I’m sorry but however you feel, I believe America was never about race. It’s about freedoms, liberties, and its constant quest to assure all Americans possess those concepts.

So, we had a civil war & some say it was all about race or northern business interests. Obviously, if you’re a surface dweller it’s logical. If you are a deep diver, you realize it was always about assuring all Americans possess those concepts. The concept of America is “all men are created equal,” so forgive their gender transgression. The simple reality based on the concept of America is that people were not being considered equal. At the time the govt made that very clear, it was & is the limited mind that produces a race concept.

I may be at a disadvantage in understanding the other side because growing up race was never anything I based a decision on. My first concern in interacting is, are they good or bad based on whatever criteria I chose to live by. I fail to understand how that person being green would be of any consideration, for any purpose, although I am aware of human frailty.

I gaze at America today & can only wonder at the many issues involving race. It’s reached the point that only a certain race is now acceptable or desirable to hold governmental positions. I assume it should be based on the abilities of that person to fulfill the position. Why is it people must make an issue of race? Have you ever thought about how a racist country, could ever, elect a black to the highest office of govt, twice? An event that occurred because of a white vote. It’s mind-boggling if you believe America is a racist nation, or it’s just not true. Of course, we have racists on both sides, however, America is not a country that has a systemic racist structure, instead, it fights against it.

Let’s agree. Ok, it existed, what happened? The most obvious is the 60s, a time in American history when all races came together as Americans & took to the streets. That was called the “Civil Rights” area, & that’s what we did, we assured that Congress (although Democrats opposed it) & others, lived up to the concepts of America. Although I don’t see it as systematic as much as I do neglect. We travel many avenues during our lives & encounter many people. I personally can say America has never been a systematically racist nation, although I have encountered some racists on all sides. However, don’t blame America for the actions of its citizens.

I suspect the issue of race today in America is an avenue pursued because it’s a means to obtain a certain objective, which has nothing to do with freedoms & liberties. I think Americans just want to live together & prosper in a nation that protects their freedoms & their rights no government shall interfere with. It’s sad how some people live under a race shield when all they need do is cast it off & breathe in freedom. Although I also understand some are making a lot of $ with the race shield even becoming millionaires, some even indicted due to $ disappearing. The bottom line is, race is being used as a tool by some to divide Americans to obtain their objective.

Our concern should be the division of Americans, “divide & conquer” isn’t just a saying, it’s a historically factual effective concept, & history is repeating itself in America. After all that, I still firmly believe in the American “Majority.” We are a nation of laws & processes which give us the rights & means to change govt. If the Majority cast their votes the mere volume will serve to protect our will, our voice will be heard. The Majority must be active, always.

I leave with two frightening thoughts. Is America on the verge of World War III? We see all the warning signs & Joe just told the troops “They would see” all the suffering in Ukraine when they were there. I’m not a genius so I’m wondering is Joe not telling us something. I feel boots on the ground & that’s something that should never happen for the sake of us all. He also said, “America must take the lead in the New World Order,” if you don’t understand what that is, look it up, it’s the downfall of America.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot

Free State of Florida

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