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Time to STAND UP PATRIOTS!  Can you imagine that it’s been four years since President Trump was elected?  In those four short years we’ve seen an economic recovery that heretofore was unheard of, the lowest unemployment rates in decades, a BIG BEAUTIFUL southern wall going up to protect hard working Americans and more money in our paychecks. And these are just a few of Trump’s accomplishments. We’ve also seen the Democrats try every underhanded dirty tactic to take out our President because they know they can’t win in November.


We are now on the precipice, once again, of having to choose between socialism and freedom, just like we were in 2016. The difference? The democrats have fallen so far to the left that they brazenly promote and openly talk about socialism as being the “cure” for all of our troubles. Well you all know what the cure for our problems really is.  Another 4 years of President Donald J. Trump and a nice string of indictments against the criminal politicians trying to destroy our country.


The time is at hand.  That is why we started the KAG COALITION. The KAG COALITION is a composition of like-minded individuals from Twitter, Facebook and internet users.  As we all know, we need to unite under one team to re-elect President Trump and all conservative candidates.  At the present we have six committees and will be adding more in the future.


Protest / Rally  Committee – The goal of this committee is to bring together patriots in specific areas of the country to work on forming protests and  rallies then taking to the streets in support of our freedom!


MAGA Drag the Interstate Committee – The goal of this committee is to promote the MAGA Drag the Interstate event which will be taking place in October 3, 2020 .  This event is truly a “rolling rally”.  American patriots from all corners of the country will gather together and organize into rolling flag parade caravans within their states. They will circle their highways and byways, ending at their capital cities in a glorious flurry of red, white, and blue–and a big ol’ heap of old-fashioned American patriotism. They also do this in different States weekly.



Mail-In Vote Fraud Committee – The goal of this committee is to highlight the many instances of mail-in voting fraud that occurs all the time but is rarely, if ever, covered in the LAME stream media. The democrats are quick to tell people that there is simply no mail-in voter fraud when nothing could be further from the truth.


The Hale Group Committee (IT) – Graphic designs and killer memes. Computer support.


KAG Registration 2020 Committee – The goal of this committee is to bring patriots together to act as door knockers who will be supporting Trump Pence 2020. Many citizens are simply uninformed as to what Trump‘s administration has done for America and this form of community outreach, boots on the ground, support for our President is necessary. This committee will also help register those people who aren’t registered and will be casting their vote for Trump.


Veterans Committee – We are proud to have these veterans as members of KAG. They are able to assist on any of our committee’s as well as they will carry out their missions for 2020 !


While we have been quiet so far (the silent majority), the Democrats have run for local and state offices and changed the legislation within cities and states. These legislative changes resemble policies of socialism that are entirely anti-American and anti-freedom amongst other things.


 Join us for our Zoom conference calls.You can speak directly to the chair persons of each committee and we would be happy to hear suggestions regarding other committees that you would be interested in chairing or joining.  If you have already emailed us to participate in a previous Zoom conference call with KAG COALITION you do not need to email us againIf your new read below. 



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