• December 1, 2022

Rep. Jake Hoffman Introduces Platform to Send Emails with One Click to Every Republican Member of the AZ House to Support Critical Election Reforms

 Rep. Jake Hoffman Introduces Platform to Send Emails with One Click to Every Republican Member of the AZ House to Support Critical Election Reforms

Get ready for a HUGE election integrity week in Arizona!

A new platform was set up at the link below that will let everyone in America send an email to EVERY Republican representative with one click!

We need to flood all of these guys with TENS OF THOUSANDS of emails. Let’s help to get these several bills passed out of committee!


HB2236 – Ban on Automatic Voter Registration

HB2237 – Ban on Same Day Voter Registration

HB2238 – Ban on Ballot Drop Boxes & Drive-Thru Voting

HB2239 – Ban on Electronic Ballot Adjudication

HB2240 – Precinct Level Only Voting

HB2241 – Requires ID to Drop Off an Early Ballot at a Polling Place

HB2242 – Requires the Secretary of State & County Recorders to Validate the Accuracy of the Information on Voter Registration Forms

HB2243 – Ensures that Voters Who Permanently Move Out of State Can Be Removed from the Voter Rolls

HB2491 – Establishes a Minimum Signature Matching Requirement for Processing Early Ballots

HB2492 – Requires Proof of Citizenship to Submit a ‘Federal Only’ Voter Registration Form

HB2493 – Establishes a $12,000,000 Election Integrity Fund to Fund Election Security & Cybersecurity

HB2494 – Requires County Recorders to Publish the Voter Registration Events Their Office Participates In

Here is Representative Jake Hoffman‘s message to the people of Arizona:

Right now in Washington DC Democrats are plotting and planning how to strip Americans of their God-given right to free, secure, and fair elections. In Arizona on the other hand, dozens of Republican legislators are working around the clock to secure our elections and protect people’s votes.

I’m fighting to ensure that every Arizonan, and every American by extension, has confidence in both the process and outcome of our elections, but I can’t do it alone. We need every engaged, freedom-loving American to stand up and make their voices heard right now to support the efforts of states like Arizona that are fighting against the Democrats’ attempts to rig our country’s elections.

The left’s big lie is that somehow election integrity is a “Republican” issue; however, polling clearly shows that securing our elections is an issue the overwhelming majority of Americans support, regardless of their party affiliation, race, or gender.

Election integrity is the civil rights issue of our day, which is why I refuse to back down to the liars in the mainstream media and will continue to fight until voter confidence is restored.

The next 4-days will be critical to getting these out of committee!

Click the TAKE ACTION button and send an email supporting these critical election reforms to every Republican member of the Arizona

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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