• January 16, 2022

Republicans Introduce Plan To Allow Users To Sue Big Tech Platforms Over Censorship

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee are pushing a plan to regulate social media companies, in part, by allowing users who have been censored to sue the Big Tech firms which they describe as “monopolies.”

If enacted, the plan, which is meant to serve as a foundation for future legislation, may have significant implications for massive online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

“Big Tech is out to get conservatives,” the House Republican members of the committee wrote in a news release about the plan.

“Today, House Judiciary Republicans released their agenda to hold Big Tech accountable. This agenda presents specific proposals that will speed up and strengthen antitrust enforcement, hold Big Tech accountable for its censorship, and increase transparency around Big Tech’s decisions,” they added.


According to the outline of the release about the measure, the GOP lawmakers’ plan focuses on increasing accountability, and transparency in terms of oversight and enforcement for Big Tech firms.

“Our plan accelerates overdue antitrust scrutiny. The laws currently on the books can and should be used to break up Big Tech. The problem has been, however, that these actions take too long and they allow companies years of legal maneuvering,” the Republicans wrote, as it outlined steps needed to speed up the process and “incentivize robust challenges” to the dominance of the tech platforms.

The GOP lawmakers are seeking that cases concerning antitrust laws should be given expedited trial consideration and be permitted to directly appeal to the Supreme Court, rather than going through a lengthy process of going through appellate courts.

They are also pushing forward that attorneys general of each state be allowed to use the same “fast-track procedures available to the federal government so that they will be on equal footing in their cases.”

In terms of holding the “Big Tech accountable,” the Republican lawmakers want to overhaul tech companies’ liability protection granted under Section 230 — noting that social media platforms, for example, have “exploited this protection to make subjective content moderation decisions, often in a manner harmful to conservative voices.”

The lawmakers also argued that Americans who feel that they have been wronged by the Big Tech companies or subjected to “unlawful censorship” should also be able to “directly challenge Big Tech in court.”

“It is wrong that these platforms control and censor speech with impunity. But it is nearly impossible for Americans to seek a remedy against Big Tech’s censorship decisions in court,” the House Republican members of the Judiciary

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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