• April 19, 2024

Sam Brown – Candidate for US Senate

 Sam Brown – Candidate for US Senate

It only takes 345 donors from the political elite to raise my Senate opponent $1 million at the $2,900 max. They don’t bother reaching out to the grassroots voters that they represent – instead they focus on the large donors that influence their campaigns.

But my campaign is different – we’re about the people, not the political elite.


I entered this race because I can’t just stand by as I see our country headed in the wrong direction. We all have a mission as Americans. Our nation needs leaders who put duty to country first.


I’m a Purple Heart Veteran who served this country in Afghanistan & I’m now running to serve this nation again.


Flipping Nevada’s US Senate seat has never been more important than it is in 2022.


When we flip this seat, we flip the Senate.

As I mentioned above, I’m a grassroots candidate. I don’t have the political establishment pouring money into my campaign. My opponent raises millions on $2,900 max donations. I wonder what the elite will do when thousands of us donate 1% of that max – just $29 – to beat them at their own game and win the Nevada Senate election.


Chip in $29 today so that we can win this race and take back the Senate:

Sam Brown – Candidate for US Senate

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