• March 31, 2023

Schumer Sees a 2024 Win With Mitch- They Have A “Remarkably Similar” Vision

 Schumer Sees a 2024 Win With Mitch- They Have A “Remarkably Similar” Vision


Socialist Democrat Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader,  says his vision for the future of the GOP is “remarkably similar” to Mitch McConnell’s, according to Politico reporter Marianne Levine.

According to Politico, Schumer has expressed interest in working with a GOP-controlled house on bipartisan deals in the next Congress. He believes Democrats should “roll up [their] sleeves and try to get things done,” even if it means compromising with Republicans. Republicans have worked with Democrats on legislation ranging from infrastructure funding to gun reform in the current Congress.

“While most of Washington focuses on abortion’s role in Democrats’ success this fall, Schumer sees new laws on gun safety, climate, and other topics making a critical difference,” Politico reports.

The vision includes the vision of the World Economic Forum on climate, the destruction of the Second Amendment, and other topics.

Good Candidates, a Really Good Agenda, and Rejection of Autocracy

Schumer credits Democrat success to “good candidates…a really good agenda…and the American people rejected… autocracy of MAGAS…” (see clips below)

Under “really good agenda,” he says that the bills they passed saved the day. Those are the bills that caused inflation.

One of the things Schumer ran on was the bipartisan infrastructure package. It was a winner McConnell threw his way, and it has little to do with infrastructure. Perhaps it was part of their joint vision.

Another Win, Another Cudgel

Schumer’s statement comes as the Democrats seek GOP cooperation on the Respect For Marriage Act, which would codify gay marriage. Schumer tweeted yesterday that the Senate is “moving forward” with the bill, which Democrats are hoping to pass with a filibuster-proof majority. The bill needs support from ten Republican senators to pass without opposition. They got 12 to advance it yesterday.

The only reason they want this bill is to cause more chaos.

If they win, it bolsters their image with the far-left and the LGBTQIA…contingents. If they lose, they can use it as a cudgel against Republicans.

Republicans help Democrats win, throwing them lifelines, and then Schumer uses those wins to bolster his socialist democrat party.

As an aside, the bill allows lawsuits against churches and other religious institutions. So far, the religious liberty protections are weak.

Dems Will Win If McConnell Stays On

According to Politico, Chuck believes his party will be very successful in 2024 if McConnell stays on. He expects “another good cycle in 2024, particularly if his legislative partner across the Capitol stays on.” Politico writes.

Well, after all, they have a similar vision.

“My message to Democrats is: Let’s roll up our sleeves and try to get things done, and that may mean compromising with Republicans,” he said. “What gives me some hope: Embracing MAGA is a loser politically for the Republican Party.”

Why do Republicans accept Schumer’s analysis of why our party lost some seats? It’s a mystery, but they do. Perhaps, because they are of like mind.

Politico points out that people wanted help with drug costs and to keep aborting late-term babies. They believe those issues won elections for their side. Aborting babies to the moment of birth for any reason is a vision? Where did that come from, demons?


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