• March 25, 2023

Setting the Record Straight on Election Security and Censorship in Louisiana

 Setting the Record Straight on Election Security and Censorship in Louisiana


Guest post by Christopher Alexander

I finally had a chance to closely read a recent article by Michael Lunsford, President of Citizens for a New Louisiana, titled “Don’t Be Fooled, Louisiana’s Elections Aren’t Broken.”  The article warrants a clear response due to its misrepresentation of both law and fact regarding critical issues of election integrity in Louisiana. I take time to respond to the article only because the falsehoods contained in it risk misleading Louisiana voters on the most important issue of our day: the integrity and security of our vote. And “misinformation”, to borrow a term popularized by the Left and used by our Secretary of State to describe any opinion that contradicts his narrative, must be responded to.

Because it would require more space than I have here to respond to all the distortions contained in the article, I will address here only three that involve issues of fundamental importance: 1) The actual recommendation made by the Louisiana Voting System Commission (LVSC) in June 2022 regarding Louisiana’s new election system; 2) The law governing the duties of Secretary Ardoin with regard to voter registration and maintenance; and 3) Ardoin’s potential involvement in an illegal state and federal censorship of political speech in Louisiana.

On the first issue, the article states that the LVSC, of which the author is an appointed member, “and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin himself, clearly wanted hand-marked paper ballots. We know this because that is exactly what we approved. That system also includes a BMD (Ballot Marking Device)option for the elderly, disabled, and curious.” (Emphasis mine). This is misleading at best and reflects a curious memory lapse by somebody who was, to use the author’s words “present and attentive during the entire process.”

Although there was no shortage of discussion by the LVSC about recommending restrictions on the use of BMDs, and even though the enabling legislation passed in 2021 authorized the LVSC to recommend such restrictions, talk is cheap. The LVSC recommendation included no such qualifying language. The recommendation the LVSC passed was “hand-marked paper ballots and ballot marking devices.” Based upon its own recorded deliberations

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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