• July 14, 2024

Sidney Powell forms ‘Restore the Republic’ super PAC

 Sidney Powell forms ‘Restore the Republic’ super PAC


Attorney Sidney Powell may not have released the Kraken, but she and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell are preparing to flood future elections with unlimited amounts of money to support their political agendas after announcing the founding of a new super PAC, Restore the Republic.

Powell, a lawyer for former national security adviser Michael Flynn and gained national attention for filing a number of unsubstantiated lawsuits alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, including typo-riddled lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan, said the PAC “will be dedicated to supporting candidates who will fight vigorously for our Constitutional rights, freedom of speech and the sacred right of free and fair elections,” according to the Washington Times.

“Today we are proud to announce the formation of Restore the Republic PAC, which will be dedicated to supporting candidates who will fight vigorously for our Constitutional rights, freedom of speech, and the sacred right of free and fair elections,” Powell said on the PAC’s website.

“Americans are fed up with the corruption in government and the elitist political class that views them with condescension and contempt,” the website continues. “The American people deserve a voice that exposes and rejects the self-interest of political parties, the control of tech giants, and the lies of the fake news.”

The website lists Lindell and Joe Flynn as co-founders.

Lindell became an unexpected fixture in the White House after promoting unproven cures for the coronavirus and voicing his support for Trump and voter fraud allegations, even meeting with Trump in the waning days of his presidency. He has been served a cease-and-desist letter from Dominion Voting Systems for his “prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign” against Dominion. Lindell has not complied with the letter and said he would welcome a lawsuit.

Several retailers have stopped carrying Lindell’s products as a result of his involvement in the election fraud claims.

“The PAC will promote candidates who fight for truth and the Rule of Law, and we will strenuously oppose any candidate who discards the Constitution for his own short term or political gain — regardless of her party,” Powell said in her announcement of the PAC on the social media platform Telegram.

Powell was suspended from Twitter in connection with the QAnon online conspiracy theory as part of a widespread social media crackdown on extremist content, according to Twitter, after the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill that left five dead.

On its website, Restore the Republic continued the theme of baseless voter fraud allegations, claiming that “eighty million people were just disenfranchised” by the inauguration of President Biden. The PAC also issued a rebuke of both political parties, saying that “Democrats abandoned their base and the Republicans betrayed theirs.”

The Washington Examiner reached out to Restore the Republic for further comment.









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