• February 3, 2023

So President Biden, Do Asian Lives Matter More Than Black Lives?

 So President Biden, Do Asian Lives Matter More Than Black Lives?

Is Joe Biden’s stumbling and falling up the stairs of Air Force One is an apt metaphor for his feckless attempts to stir racial strife? Biden’s Department of Justice decided to turn a blind eye to Yale University’s alleged practice of discriminating against Asian students:

The Department of Justice on Wednesday (February 3rd) dropped a case against Yale University in which it alleged that the Ivy League institution was discriminating against White and Asian applicants in its admissions process.

The decision, announced in a filing in federal district court in Connecticut, marks a reversal from the Justice Department’s stance under former President Donald Trump, whose administration opposed education policies geared toward increasing racial diversity. President Joe Biden had made racial equity a top priority of his administration.

Giving a predominantly white, rich, entitled University a pass on alleged discrimination is okay in the Joe Biden racial calculus. But then there are 8 people shot and killed in Atlanta–7 women and one man–and Biden tries to turn this tragedy into an Asian hate crime. The facts say quite a bit about Biden’s racism. Four of the victims are ethnic Koreans. Two are Chinese and the remaining two–a man and woman–are Caucasian.

In Joe Biden’s world there is no difference between an ethnic Korean and an ethnic Chinese. You know, all Asians look alike. But ask Koreans, Japanese and Chinese if they are the same ethnic class of if the are just one big jumble of “Asian”. Labeling people Asian, just because they inhabit countries that border the Western Pacific is just one more example of racism.

While Biden is getting weepy over the shooting deaths in Atlanta (even ordering the U.S. flag to fly at half staff) he is silent over the carnage in the African American community. I guess in Biden’s world Black Lives really do not matter. Just last Sunday in Chicago, two were killed and thirteen wounded, many critically, in a shootout. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of murder sundering the Windy City:

More than 760 people were killed in Chicago in 2020, one the highest homicide totals in the city in 20 years. Police blamed many of those killings on disputes between rival gangs.

Biden says nothing because most of this violence is black on black. Not white on black. In Biden’s world that does not merit outrage. Just ignore it. They are only black people.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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